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Clear Window LED

Save Money and Build Your Brand With Transparent Window Signage

The retail industry understands and relies on the value of shelf space and product positioning, especially as brick and mortar companies rely on multichannel strategies to move inventory. Today’s retail companies can maximize brand visibility by unleashing unused, idle space, turning their storefronts inside out to reach consumers. Yaham helps make that dream a reality with its Clear Window LO series digital mesh, creating brand opportunities that were previously static point of purchase displays.

Going digital eliminates costly print and install costs and allows retailers the opportunity to quickly change messaging, highlight sales and product offerings and even generate revenue by offering valuable retail frontage on a co-op basis to brands sold on premise. With Yaham you can bring your retail space to light.

Benefits of Transparent Window Signage

Our innovative LED mesh technology makes it possible for you to place digital images on transparent surfaces. This technology has many benefits:

  • Allows space to be maximized by functioning both as a digital screen and a window
  • Is simple to install and use
  • Provides additional lighting for window displays
  • Is aesthetically pleasing
  • Helps you stand out to customers
  • Remains visible in full sunlight
  • Has no size limits
  • Allows for multiple applications

Grab the Attention of Passersby

Attracting walk-in customers is very important for businesses such as retail outlets, restaurants, bars and salons. A digital display on the outside of your storefront is a curiosity that may entice people passing by on the street to take a closer look. Because it is transparent, potential customers will also be able to see any merchandise you wish to display behind it.

This provides you with a unique opportunity to educate people and get them excited about your brand, while also enticing them to check out your products or services. Additionally, because you can also see through the display on the inside, the signage doesn’t block your view of the outside, making it easier for your sales team to anticipate potential walk-in business and be prepared to greet them.

Draw Attention To Sales and Promotions

One of the best ways to bring foot traffic into your store is to offer a sale or promotion. This is why many stores plaster their storefronts with cardboard signs or window paints. Our sign technology is an extremely effective way to inform customers about ongoing marketing in a visually appealing way.

Our digital technology makes it easy for you to create images and text and change them whenever you want without having to print and hang new signs. This will save you time and money over traditional window displays.

Saves Money on Advertising

Print media comes with several layers of marketing costs. First, you have to pay someone to design your advertisement. Next, you have to purchase space to display the ad. Finally, you have to provide a payment to have the advertisement physically produced and installed.

With our digital signs, you can turn your own storefront into a billboard, meaning you won’t be charged for space or the cost to print, manufacture or install new displays. Once you have your sign installed, the only expense you will have to cover is the cost of designing the advertisements you want to display.

Build Your Brand

Getting customers to come into your business and buy something is important, but it isn’t the only reason to advertise. You also need to build brand awareness. The more often the public sees your company name and logo, the more likely they are to remember it.

Installing one of our window signs ensures that anyone passing by will see your company name, logo, visuals and any information you want to display. The more times they see your sign, the more likely they are to think of you the next time they need to purchase a product.

Why You Should Choose Yaham

For more than 25 years, Yaham has been a global leader in signage solutions. Our comprehensive services include designing, manufacturing, installation and content creation. Our stability, longevity and innovation provide you with the cutting edge technology and exceptional service.

Because Yaham began as a research and development center for LED technology, our industry knowledge and ability to fabricate unique and stunning signs is unmatched. Our reliable technology is built to withstand 24/7 usage in any environment.

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The Yaham team is standing by to provide you with guidance, advice and exceptional customer service. Call us at 702-909-6059 or contact us online to ask questions or place an order. At Yaham, we help bring your vision to light.