Outdoor Billboards

Static one-dimensional billboards are a relic of the past. It’s time to upgrade your billboard to a digital electric messaging center (EMC).

Digital outdoor Billboard Las Vegas
  • A digital billboard allows you to run multiple high quality advertisements on the same billboard. One sign can earn ad revenue from multiple clients.
  • No more wasted cost on printing ads and swapping ads out.
  • Everything is controlled electronically so running new ads is simple and easy.
  • Easy content management via cloud based technology innate to the sign.
  • Our aluminum die cast cabinets are designed to be half the weight of traditional LED billboards.
  • Installation is quick and easy. We pre-assemble cabinets into 2 sub-sections so final installation is as simple as attaching part A to B.
  • Our cabinet design can fit standard 14 ft x 48 ft, 10 ft x 40 ft or 10.5 ft x 36 ft sizes
Outdoor billboards
Outdoor fixed LED Las Vegas

We are committed to giving your audience a compelling and memorable experience. When we spearheaded this service, we did so from a common, unifying mission, one that represents our company as a whole. We aspire to create all-consuming visual experiences that turn everyday events into life experiences.

With our dynamic LED video screens, you can plan events with the assurance that you will leave a viable impression. The quality of your screen performance will either lead to an engaging event or a boring one. Thus, you should entrust yourself in a credible company with a proven record of success. No matter what your production entails, we will meet your needs comprehensively, bringing your video displays to life.

Upgrading to an EMC is the efficient and stylish option.

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