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FREE For Every Yaham Client

  • FREE cabinet drawings;
  • FREE display assembly drawings;
  • FREE power diagrams; and
  • FREE data diagrams.

We also keep a library of projects so that if you choose to replicate a specific project in the future we have the capacity to do so with a minimum of fuss.

Please feel free to contact us anytime to let us know your project requirements and hopefully become part of our respected group of friends.

Request A Repair

Personalized communication with our valued customers to learn details of the building structure and installation environment (on-site investigation if necessary).

Our team will fully consider your individual requirements (such as optimum viewing distance and pixel pitch) and work on providing you customized solutions with our fantastic range of products.

  • Before production, we will confirm the specific details of the project with you via your preference of email, telephone, skype, etc.
  • Our team will provide timely responses to any further queries as we realize the need of maintaining ongoing communication with our customers;
  • We welcome representatives of your business to come to our company for acceptance and check of products and also we are happy to provide free and professional training of installation, maintenance and software operations.
  • Based on your requirements, we will arrange a delivery solution to meet your needs at the lowest possible cost;
  • In many cases a range of spare parts are available to you at no cost;
  • We provide you with detailed and clear operation manual, including power connection diagram, signal connection diagram, installation guide and other necessary documents.

Installation guide/ On-site installation and debugging with charge;

Provide free and professional technical support by email, telephone, skype, msn, etc.

Replace or maintain the received malfunction parts and upgrade software for free within warranty and only charge material cost if out of warranty;

Contact for after-sales-service and for your comments and feedback.

YAHAM prides itself with providing the best products available to suit the specific requirements of our customers, this comes from having listened to our customers and working closely with them. Many of our valued customers have become friends as a result of our work together.

When you purchase a maintenance agreement with us you will have peace of mind when it comes to your display.

For a monthly fee you will no longer have to worry about unexpected expenses for the repairs of your sign. For more information please contact us.