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    What Are LED Signs?

    Light emitting diodes (LED) are efficient light sources that do not contain filament and has a longer life span compared to the traditional incandescent light bulbs. Traditionally, filaments are heated with electric current resulting in light which also produces a lot of unnecessary heat, wasting energy all together. With LED technology, no filaments are needed which is why they are classified as green energy, better for the environment and your pockets.

    Why Should I Use LED Signs?

    Today, marketing your business in the most effective way is crucial with the amount of clustered competition out there. LED signage takes a spin on the traditional advertisement with creative videos and messages to fit your marketing needs. With an approximate life span of 100,000 hours, you no longer have to worry about changing out your sign every couple of months. LED signs also maintain a better level of brightness throughout the sign’s lifespan increasing your company’s ability to stand out.

    What does pixel pitch and matrix means?

    Pixels are when individual LEDs are grouped together usually 1 red 1 blue and 1 green. LED signage is usually referred by their pixel pitch for example 16mm sign or 20mm sign. The pixel pitch also equals the resolution of the sign so when your pixel pitch is smaller (e.g. 5mm, 10mm) the closer the LED’s are placed together resulting in a higher resolution and higher definition viewing quality.

    A matrix consists of the number of pixels high by the number of pixels wide. A sign with the same size but different pixel pitch can have different matrix. This means that a smaller pixel pitch sign will have more LEDs compared to the larger pixel pitch sign due to the millimeters in between each LED.

    Why should I buy from YAHAM LED?

    With over 20 years of the LED industry experience, our company originally started as a researching facility particularly in LEDs. It was then, from a research and developments stand point did we then decide to be a manufacture of LED signage. Understanding the technology and quality is what has made YAHAM surpass its competitors for the last 20 years and counting! With over 113 countries using our product and YAHAM being publicly traded on the Chinese stock exchange, consistency and stability has made YAHAM a LED manufacturing powerhouse. Our North America service team allows diligent responses from tech support, to customer service and project sales questions to assist from beginning to end.

    What if I need technical support?

    Our helpful staff is here for you 24/7. Our dedicated North America service team in Las Vegas, Nevada is here to cater to your needs on the spot, whether it is technical or sales related. Our pacific time zone allows quick response versus having to wait on China’s time.