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Yaham LED Process

Yaham is your one stop shop for signage solutions. We have the expertise to assist with every facet of sign ownership.

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Design & Branding

Whether you have a full fledged idea or a simple concept, our team can assist in developing your vision into reality. Clients come to Yaham because we enjoy working with them every step of the way. From initial drafts to a final mock design we take pleasure in accommodating your needs and helping you strike that balance between design, feasibility and budget. Even after your proposal leaves the pages we’ll still be there to help ensure you get the maximum value from your sign.


Our clients can feel safe that all the detail they’ve put into their design is translated into the final product. We take pride in the fact that Yaham is able to manufacture intricate signs to fit our clients’ needs. From the most customized renowned Roman Monument Forum Shops LED marquee to our patented true seamless corner LED’s, we are not shy of digital creativity. Whether you’re looking for large or small, indoor or outdoor, digital or non illuminated, we can build it. Companies look to Yaham to bring their ingenuity to life.

Project Management

Efficiency and structure are the cornerstone of our management team’s philosophy. Our ability to adhere to a project timeline is second to none. We ensure product shipments arrive in a timely manner with our standard 45 day production period. Our team members are meticulously screened to find our clients the best match for their project. On-site management liasons are present to supervise and transmit updates to our client. CAD drawings are carefully created and examined to match your current signage location and the needed factors to have a successful install. We handle all the minutiae so you can have peace of mind.


Client satisfaction is our top priority. To that end we put our signs through rigorous quality assurance during installation to make sure there are no hiccups on launch day. Our clients can expect strong framing, seamless panel alignment and organized cable management. The process is quick and minimally intrusive so our clients can resume operations as soon as possible. Our install team has years of experience not only in signage but specializing in the technical aspects of commissioning a digital billboard, making sure all data and power runs are correctly put in place.

In-House Technicians

Yaham trains our own in-house technicians capable of addressing any technical inquiry our clients may have. Technicians are available for consultation via email and over the phone internationally and domestically 24/7. Technicians can also be flown out in person within North America should in-person advising be required. No matter the issue our team of technicians are standing by ready to assist. From software to hardware, our highly trained staff has a plethora of knowledge from years of industry experience.

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Content Creation

For our digital signage clients, we also offer content creation assistance. We can generate media from scratch including (but not limited to) high quality graphics, aerial drone footage and promotional videos. Our team is also happy to optimize any pre-existing media so your carefully crafted content doesn’t go to waste.

Control Software

All of our LED signage comes with the control system Novastar to manage the content and settings of your digital billboard. Nvoastar is an easy-to-use cloud based system that can be hard wired or wirelessly connected to your media player. The control software is also universal to many different platforms making it simple for your team to transition to a YAHAM sign.

Ad Revenue

We understand that signage can be costly. Which is why Yaham takes an interest in helping our clients recoup their investment. We can assist in securing ad revenue by connecting clients with potential sponsors who are looking for ad space. Also through third party advertising, we utilize a software that can help bring guaranteed revenue to your sign.

Signage Maintenance

Our team of dedicated technicians are there for all your sign maintenance needs. We have a vested interest in the lifespan of our signs so we take upkeep very seriously. Ensuring your sign continues to function throughout the years and maximizing the time you get out of it is what makes Yaham a leader in signage solutions. Our team offers extended warranties throughout the world to make sure your sign stands out from your competitors.

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