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Yaham Outdoor Mesh LED Display

Captivate Audiences in Grand Scale

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In a competitive visual environment, your business needs to make its mark. Outdoor see-through digital mesh on your building is an eye-catching and appealing way for your customers to notice you, whether they are on foot or driving by.

Mesh signs use lightweight LED technology that turns any surface into a canvas, creating a brilliantly lit display. Digital mesh can mount to the length of your building, making it stand out high above street-level signage. Whether you want to illuminate your logo, display a picture or present a video, a vibrant LED sign captivates your audience and wraps your building in a stunning display that cannot be ignored.

Resorts World LED Screen
Mo Mall More than mall LED Display


Yaham's mesh signs are constructed from connected LED brackets that together create a luminous media experience on almost any surface. The mesh is flexible by design, allowing signs to follow the contour of your space.

The beauty of see-through digital mesh allows for transparency without obscuring the view for people inside. Our Yaham L0 series has a transparency rate between 50% and 80% depending on selected pixel pitch and density, allowing light and scenery to show through.

On the outside, audiences at a distance view a seamless, smooth picture. From the inside, its business as usual.


Yaham takes the worry out of the impact to your building by offering a dependable product designed to perform on all facades.

  • Easy installation: We equip our mesh signs with a mounting structure that allows for sturdy installation. The light design of our mesh signs makes putting them on your building a safe
  • Lightweight construction: If your building has weight restrictions, turn to us. Our signs, along with the mounting structure, weigh only about five pounds per square foot. They are about 30% lighter than traditional displays. The mesh composition means that wind blows right through, making your sign durable and wind resistant.
  • Simple maintenance: Front and rear access panels take the hassle out of routine maintenance.
  • Energy-efficient technology: LED technology is low maintenance, long lasting and energy efficient. Your outdoor see-through mesh is made for the long haul, providing  years of stunning visuals.
Building Billboard Mockup
Building Billboard Mockup Las Vegas


If you're looking for a durable rooftop application, our mesh signs are up to the task. Many business owners choose the Yaham L0 Series for their rooftops. Space between the LED brackets creates a built-in airflow allowance, keeping your sign in place.


We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. Yaham offers you support beginning with your design process. We walk you through all facets of the order and construction process ensuring your sign is shipped and delivered promptly. Our service doesn't stop at shipment — our team members can help you with installation and maintenance. We are satisfied when you are.

Do you need a custom design? We are limited only by the imagination. We can provide advice and guidance, bringing your ideas to light.

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