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Update your interior displays with innovative designs and state-of-the-art finesse by Yaham. Our S1 or S0 series displays will turn heads and impress passersby, while our UHD small pixel pitch displays delight and inform. Discover how you can update common areas and facades with high-resolution video screens.

In addition to pixel density, pixel pitch is inversely related and another crucial factor in your LED screens. Pixel pitch describes the distance between the center of the adjacent pixel, and pixel density is the number of pixels in a given area. So the smaller the value of pixel pitch the finer the picture; but the higher the value of pixel density the better.

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For a large outdoor display, the pixel pitch could be as much as 16 millimeters. At Yaham, we create application specific UHD solutions with a pitch as small as 0.9 millimeters. A smaller pitch naturally means a higher pixel count if you’re comparing identical screen sizes.

Pitch is only one factor in creating a stunning presentation. You also need energy-efficient and high-quality product construction to ensure your display continues to feature crystal-clear images for years to come.

Work with our team to discuss the optimal pitch and pixel count for your display. The key factor is the viewing distance from your screen. Viewers of your displays at close range will appreciate an industry-leading HD small pixel pitch solution.


A small pixel pitch screen is best used in indoor locations, where a more subtle resolution is required to optimize visual experience. Here are just a few examples of commercial settings where this technology can help you attract your audience and achieve your business goals:

  • Corporate Parks
  • Hotels
  • Shopping Centers, Malls and Retail stores
  • Airports
  • Conference rooms, common areas and facades
  • Stadiums, arenas and convention centers
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Update screens or add to your interior design with our LED displays. Here are the key advantages of choosing a small pixel pitch display from Yaham:

  • Comfortable viewing distance: These screens offer the best view at the ideal distance. Discuss the viewing distance with our team to arrive at the best balance of high-quality image and cost-effective technology.
  • Improved image quality: Interior images with up-close viewing require the smooth presentation of UHD pixel pitch which eliminates the potential for a grainy appearance. Project vivid colors  and crisp details with state-of-the-art UHD displays.
  • Custom screen dimensions: As you fine-tune the optimal pixel pitch and count, be sure to select the ideal screen dimensions. Whether you’re installing a built-in display or mounting one to a wall , a custom screen maximizes the visual experience.
  • Easy-to-read information: Use small pixel pitch screens to ensure even the smallest of font sizes and elements are projected as designed.


Our team stands ready to help discuss ways you can incorporate indoor and outdoor displays into existing environments or new construction projects. We work with designers and architects to blend digital displays with functional design features.

Contact us to learn more about how UHD small pixel pitch displays from Yaham will help bring your vision to light.

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