A modern sportsbook deserves a modern solution. LED video walls offer your viewers the very best in video quality.

indoor led

Videos are crisp and colors are vivid thanks to the dynamic color range of LEDs. Our cabinet design can display true 16:9 so content can be enjoyed in its intended aspect ratio. Multiple videos can be streamed across an entire wall allowing viewers to enjoy a variety of games.

Tickers can be added through content management instead of as separate hardware. Signs can be customized to the specific dimensions and curvatures of your walls. The way we design our cabinets allow for both concave and convex sportsbooks layouts.

custom indoor led signs
custom indoor led display

We can maintain tight radii so cabinet connections are invisible to the eye and your customers have a seamless viewing experience. Our cabinets are designed to be interlocking and can be hung from a ceiling mount making installation more affordable.

Sportsbooks. Reimagined.

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