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C0 Series Indoor High Resolution Front Light Emitting

C0 Series

Indoor High

Transparent LED Display

Front Light Emitting
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The C0 transparent LED display is perfect for glass walls, displaying videos or images while maintaining room lighting. The CO features ultra-thin, highly transparent modules for quick and easy installation.

Pixel Pitch: 
3.9mm SMD

C0 Series Surprising Way To Advertise


C0 Series Slim Cabinet

Slim Cabinet

C0 Series Ultra Light Cabinet

Light Cabinet

C0 Series High Transparency

High Transparency

C0 Series Whisper Quiet Operation

Quiet Operation

C0 Series High Gray Scale

High Gray Scale

C0 Series Shadow Elimination


C0 Series Easy Installation


C0 Series Thin and Light

Thin and Light

The surface of the C0 cabinet is finely polished and oxidized with a silver color. The C) cabinet measures 47mm thick and weighs just 3.5kg (500 mm x 500 mm).

Aluminum Wrapped Module
Stronger Structure

The CO is made of aluminum making it light, but extremelypr ecise and strong. The cabinet assembly is accomplished byfixed-point fixtures with accuracy up to 0.2mm.

C0 Series Aluminum Wrapped Module Stronger Structure
C0 Series Bring Your Vision To Light
C0 Series Embedded Pcb, Zero Light Leakage

Embedded PCB, Zero Light

With a groundbreaking layout design, PCB is embedded inside thediode board directly, ensuring safety and reliability of PCBand diodes, while protecting the environment from light pollution.

C0 Series of 3840 Hz

Row-and-column Shadow
Display Performance

Powered by a shadow elimination chip, C) delivers vibrant images or videos without any shadow. With an extremely high refresh rate of 3840Hz and gray scale of 14 bit, no flicker or black line can be captured by camera.

Concave and
Convex Aluminum Structure

The top and bottom of the C0 cabinet are designed to be a channel structure, protecting the module from damage while it is placed on the ground improving efficiency of the cabinet assembly. The same feature has also been added to the left and right sides of the C0 cabinet.

C0 Series Different Angle
C0 Series Smart Module SM

Smart Module

Data is automatically sent to individual modules resulting in no need tomanually calibrate when replacing with spare modules that are supplied.Smart modules are able to:

  • Work by independent identification
  • Store calibration data
  • Monitor running time
  • Synchronize data

Flexible in Design and

Apart from standart cabinet size, C0 transparent LED display offers flexibility of design and shape to deliver a truly bespoke and inspirational installation.

C0 standard cabinet size:
500mm x 500mm
500mm x 1000mm
C0 Series 1000mm x 500mm
C0 Series Whisper Quiet Operation

Whisper-Quiet Operation

Amazing self-ventilation, excellent heat dissipation,fanless design and super energy efficiency collectivelyresults in whisper-quiet performance.

C0 Series Three Angles

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