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Probably the lightest and thinnest LED high bay light

This Small Compact high bay is carefully designed by YAHAM’s research team, which has rich experience and mature research achievements in LED light. They adopted forging technology, and designed the lighter heat sink with very good heat dissipation. IP65 dustproof and waterproof, can meet more applications. Super Lighter weight, 100W and 120W high bay weighs only 1.2kg with E39/40 joints.


High quality

130 lm/W, top quality LED chips are used to ensure higher efficiency and longer lifetime. According to ISTMT report and LM-80 report, TM-21 shows that the lumen maintenance is more than 86.94% at 60,000 hours. Excellent optical design, various options for beam angle (60, 90, 120 degrees) and IP65 to meet more lighting applications. Long life with low maintenance; lifetime is more than 50,000 hours, and 5 year warranty is offered


A variety of installation

Yaham Compact II LED high bay light is capable of being applied in almost all applications due to its natures and abilities empowered by our designers and technicians.


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