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The HD Series LED Digital Display

The Yaham LED HD Series product line features an impressive fleet of digital display options for broadcasting, meetings, retail and other visual needs. The HD Series LED digital display panel offers performance, stability, bright images and video screen size customization. This line of digital display panels can be ordered and assembled to fit your needs. Besides a smooth and stunning look, the HD Series LED display panel product line also gives customers a user-friendly interface and a powerful energy-efficient way to bring your organization’s messaging to life.

HD-Series Display

Indoor Video Display Options

Indoor digital displays are one of the hottest trends in signage and in-store customer engagement today. A digital display offers businesses a variety of potential uses to increase brand awareness, influence how customers buy products and help visitors navigate store options. Digital video displays are also a great way to enhance the visitor experience inside of your location. Indoor video screens and digital displays offer many different possibilities, such as interactive video menus, engaging video content about your company mission, important information for customers and detailed product specifications for your organization’s inventory. Digital displays capture the crowd’s attention and bring ideas to life.

Vibrant, Brilliant Visuals

The visuals for your digital display matter. The HD Series gives you vibrant, life-like images that pop and grab attention. It features high greyscale levels, a high contrast, a wide color gamut and a high refresh rate. These specifications translate to a high definition, rich array of visuals that draw in viewers and show high quality digital content. The HD Series features high-tech LED light technology with a surface-mounted device setup. Each SMD pixel uses a combination of red, blue and green diodes to bring realistic colors and visuals to life on the display screen. Additionally, the digital display panels from the HD Series line all feature a high number of nits, or luminance brightness units. This helps give indoor displays the perfect amount of luminescence in almost any type of lighting environment in your organization.

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Convenient Installation

Installation for a digital video screen doesn’t have to be a logistical nightmare. The HD Series panel provides convenient installation options that work around your organization’s layout and your display preferences. The display panels have an easy “Rolling Fast Lock” system and precise positioning lock capability to make building a screen of any size and shape simple and fast. The display panels are constructed from an aluminum alloy frame, allowing for a unified screen construction in a variety of ratios that fit your display requirements. It’s also possible to build a digital display screen that uses a stacking construction system or a hanging system, giving your organization more control over how your display screen appears in your space.

Intuitive User Control

This product also gives users much more control over the content of the display and how often it is updated. The HD Series display panels are able to connect to a data source through many of the standard signal input devices, such as HDMI, Composite, S-Video, DVI, VGA, Component, SDI and HD SDI. This style of digital display also gives business owners the ability to operate it completely on their own. Most LED displays are run with some sort of external software. The images, video and other content featured on the display are uploaded into the software and control what viewers see on screen. When you want to change what’s on your display, there’s no need to remove the hardware and install everything again. Instead, you can modify the display by using the software that’s connected to the physical video screen.

HD Series Accessories
HD Series LED Screen

Smart Module Features

The HD Series system of digital displays is also able to be monitored remotely. There is a remote monitoring system that gives business operators the capability to see the screen’s conditions and any issues with individual LED bulbs. If there is a problem or something shows up unexpectedly, the operator will be the first to know. Maintenance and fixes can be addressed right away and keep the display screen up and operating. This product is also equipped with a hot swap feature, which allows a simple and safe way to remove and replace power modules. Each module also contains a memory chip, making it easy to calibrate a display and give a uniform, seamless look.

Signal Redundancy and Maintenance Options

You also have the option to add power and signal redundancy features to your custom digital display panel. This means that if one power source fails, the backup source keeps going and continues to deliver content to your digital display without any interruptions. The display panels can also be configured to have access for maintenance in either the front of the panel or the back. This gives you more flexibility with display setup and placement along a wall or in some other tailored space that aligns with your vision and concept for your video display.

hd-series LED
HD Series LED

Quiet Operation and Energy Savings

Years ago, running an illuminated display may have been cost-prohibitive due to the higher energy usage of old fashioned displays like neon lighting or light up letters. Today’s energy-efficient LED displays have revolutionized the world of digital signage. Signage displays with LED lights use less energy than their older counterparts, like the traditional movie marquee, neon signs, fluorescent signs and other types of illuminated displays. The HD Series digital display line runs at a low temperature, with a cool display that helps save power even more by not impacting your indoor climate control. This type of LED panel also provides a completely silent performance and no fan noise.

Durable and Sturdy

The LED display panels also feature impressive durability and sturdiness. The components of the display panels are shielded with an edge protector around the perimeter. This keeps the sides of the panel from becoming damaged. The product line also keeps the lower edge of the panel from touching or scratching the floor of your location, avoiding the need to add a protective cover between your display and your floor.
Find out more about the capabilities of the digital LED displays offered at Yaham LED and the HD Series. Request your own custom quote to get advice about your particular needs and goals for your business and its promotional strategy.

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