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C1 Series Indoor High Quality Led Display

C1 Series

Indoor High

LED Display

- Side Light Emiting
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Higher Transparency
and Infinite

The reliable performance delivered by Yaham's C1 Series withstands thetest of time, with unprecedented visual appearance.

Pixel Pitch: 
8mm and 10mm SMD

C1 Series Higher Transparency and Infinite Possibilities


Feature C1 Series Slim Cabinet

Slim Cabinet

Feature C1 Series Ultra Light Cabinet

Light Cabinet

Features, C1 Series High Transparency

High Transparency

Feature, C1 Series Super Wide Viewing Angle

Super Wide
Viewing Angle

Features, C1 Series Point Fixture


C1 Series Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient

C1 Series Side Emitting Technology

Side-Emitting Technology

Diodes are embedded 0.2mm away from PCB’S surface, helping tocollect brightness and protect diodes from dust. Custom-designedwaterproof diodes are also availble to minimize LED malfunction ratein high humidity conditions.

Light and ReliableModular
DesignAluminum Architecture

Aluminum cabinet architecture results in advanced heat dissipation,for maximum longevity. Each cabinet weighs just 13kg per squaremeter, and the fixtures on the cabinets are strengthened to improvereliability and protect the cabinets from corrosion.

C1 Series Light and Design aluminum Architecture
C1 Series Bring Your Vision To Light
C1 Series Modular Design Composed of Eight Light Bars

Modular Design

Each module is composed of 8 light bars and connected to thecabinet through FCI high precision connectors, ensuring excellentflatness of display.

C1 transparent LED display Flexibility In Size

Flexibility in Size

Apart from the standard cabinet sizes, the C1 transparent LEDdisplay offers flexibility of design and shape to deliver atruly bespoke and inspirational installation.

Compatible with VariousPoint
-Fixture Glass Walls

The Power boxes are designed to be stage-like in layout, the front and rearare nudged backward 44mm, the top and bottom are nudged backward80mm, making the C1's structure more compatible withvarious glass walls.

C1 Series Compatible With Various point Fixture Glass Walls
C1 Series Smart Module SM

Smart Module

Data is automatically sent to individual modules resulting in no need tomanually calibrate when replacing with spare modules that are supplied.Smart modules are able to:

  • Work by independent identification
  • Store calibration data
  • Monitor running time
  • Synchronize data
C0 Series Different Angle

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