C1 Series

Higher Transparency and Infinite Possibilities

Application: Giant glass wall , ceiling video , curtain LED display , etc.


Slim cabinet


Ultra light cabinet

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High transparency

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Super wide viewing angle

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Energy efficient

Pixel Pitch:
8mm & 10mm

Higher transparency and infinite possibilities

With a groundbreaking design of side-emitting technology, C1 has tremendously improved transparency, it makes images or videos just like magically pop up in the air. High transparency of C1 provides infinite possibilities for creative display and space creation. Aluminum alloy cabinet and modular design also make C1 much more fitting to various environments.

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Side-emitting technology

Diode is embedded 0.2mm away from PCB’s surface, this design helps to collect brightness and protects diode from dust. Custom-designed waterproof diode is also available to minimize LED malfunction rate due to the high humidity.

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Light and reliable aluminum architecture

Aluminum cabinet architecture results in advanced heat dissipation and management and longevity of live, each cabinet weighs only 13kg per square meter, fi xtures on cabinet are strengthened to improve reliability and protect cabinet from erosion.

Modular design

Each module is composed by 8 light bars and connected to cabinet through FCI high precise connector, ensuring excellent flatness of display.

LED modular-design
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Flexibility in size

Apart from standard cabinet size, C1 transparent LED display offers fl exibility of design and shape to deliver a truly bespoke and inspirational installation. C1 standard cabinet size: 1920mm x 960mm 960mm x 960mm

Compatible with various point-fixture glass wall

Power box are design to be a stage-like layout, front and rear are nudged backward 44mm, top and bottom are nudged backward 80mm, making C1’s structure to be more compatible with various glass walls.

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Smart module

Data is auto to individual modules resulting in no need to manually calibrate when replacing with spare module supplied.

Smart module are able to:

  • Work by independent identifi cation
  • Store calibration data
  • Monitor running time
  • Synchronize data

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