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S1 Series

iStrong Outdoor

LED Display

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iStrong Outdoor
LED display

The iStrong Outdoor series delivers superior fidelity, customizable to any grand and large format signageincluding billboards, spectaculars, on premise signs and walls, unleashing endless creative possibilities.

Pixel Pitch:
4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 16mm SMD

S1 Series Istrong Outdoor Led Display


Display Options

Yaham's lightweight and configurable modules offer multiple installation options. We evaluate site conditions,access, height and structure architecture and can deliver individual modules, grouped modules or a fullyconfigured display ready to hoist in one piece. One company. Unlimited possibilities

S1 Series Performance


S1 Series Half White and Black in Circle

High Contrast

S1 Series Front Rear Service

Front/Rear Access

S1 Series Solidly Built Architecture


S1 Series Twenty Four by Seven Service

24/7 Smart
Monitoring Service

S1 Series High Contrast

High Contrast

The unique triple louvre design delivers asharp image with ultra-rich contrast.

Front & Rear Access

The elegant engineering design inside the modulemakes front and rear access achievable at thesame time.

S1 Series Easy Maintenance Front and the Rear
S1 Series Bring Your Vision to Light
S1 Series Flexible In Shape, Polygon, Letter, Cylinder, Cube Curved

Flexible in Shape

The ability to be configured into different shapes helpsto bring designers' imaginations to the screen.

S1 Series PCB Design Layouts

PCB design

From PCB design by well-organized systems and design layouts,Yaham's years of experience with EMC standards enables us toeasily reach EMC requirements.


The solid frame design of the module and cabinet helps toensure the screen's performance and makes it strong towithstand external forces.

S1 Series Solidly Built Architecture
S1 Series Blue LED Screen Different Resolution

24/7 Smart
Monitoring Service

The display status of the iStrong output can be remotelymonitored 24/7, sending alerts if performance is out of calibration.

S1 Series Black Vertical LED

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