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With our patented seamless corner technology, Yaham's iStrong corner modules create an invisible edge offering enhanced visual appearance and panoramic exposure.
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We set out to engineer the Yaham Seamless Corner module to blend cabinet conjunctions into one continuous display. Eliminating the black edge line, content is displayed with no image separation, delivering a bold and creative visual experience. The result is more than just a seamless curved appearance, it’s the future of how LED displays will be imagined and designed.

Pixel Pitch: 
90°: 10mm, 16mm and 20mm
115°: 12.5mm
135°: 16mm and 20mm

Tuscany Suites and Casino LED


Doted LED Display

Seamless Corner

Different Angles

Optional Angles

Features Circle

High Contrast

Features Display


Features LED

Energy Efficient



Vertical and Horizontal LED Display

Display Effect

The corner LED module eliminates the black line at the sharp corner of the screen, providing a smooth visual experience.

Sharp Edge Options

The Yaham corner panel is suitable for several sharp curve angles, with 90°, 115°, and 125° angle module solutions.

LED Display Screen on Building
Black Doted LED Bring Your Vision To Light

Wider Viewing-Angle

Yaham's corner modules increase impressions by displaying one image on two sides of the display with no gaps or visible seams.

Viewing Angles 180, 225, 270

3 angles and 3 pixel pitches

Offering a variety of pixel pitches and display angles, the Yaham Seamless Corner is the most advanced, LED display. As a result, the Seamless Corner creates more opportunities to add LED displays to most building facades, offering a perfect fit and grand visual experience.

Three Different type of LED Screen, Vertical and Horizontal
Vertical Women LED Display Screen

Flexible Application

Corner LED modules deliver content as it was meant to be viewed, with images cascading flawlessly on two sides, allowing for highly customizable designs.

High Contrast

The unique triple louvre design helps to deliver vivid imagery with great contrast.

LED Rectangle and Circle Shape
LED Screen Different Resolution

24/7 Smart Monitoring Service

The display status of the iStrong SC series output can be remotely monitored 24/7, sending alerts if performance is out of calibration.

Two LED Panels

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