Outdoor Fixed LED SC

Strong Corner Display. For Outdoor, 100% True Seamless Corner, Patented Technology By Yaham. No Black Line Down The Middle Whatsoever!

With the Yaham corner led display, we set out to do the beautiful and possible: engineer a corner module into the cabinet conjunctions, making the entire cabinets display as a one. Instead of being separated by the joint black line, images or videos are all displayed without any disruption. It is honed to deliver a bold and creative visual experience. The result is just more than a seamless curved led display, it is the future of creative out-of-home advertising.

Pixel Pitch:
90°: 10mm SMD, 16mm DIP, 20mm DIP;
115° 12.5mm SMD;
135° 16mm DIP & 20mm DIP


Traditional curved led display

outdoor-fixed-LED advertising

Yaham corner

3 angles and 3 pixel pitches

A better experience with Yaham Corner, the most intuitive, advanced, seamless curved led display. To meet the different needs, Yaham Corner provides 3 angles and 3 pixel pitches, it helps Yaham Corer to be perfectly installed on most of the buildings and deliver the most curved visual experience.

outdoor-fixed-Curved LED

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