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The Strat

The Stratosphere Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV, has been a landmark on Las Vegas Boulevard since 1992. Standing at 1,149 feet tall, this represents the tallest building in Las Vegas and the tallest hotel in the United States. When the hotel casino was purchased by Golden Entertainment, it was rebranded as The STRAT which included a full overhaul including a $100 m renovation. Yaham was selected as the design-build partner based on the eye-catching custom displays Yaham is known for.

The Project

Throughout the entire project, the STRAT team worked closely with the entire team at Yaham. The STRAT LED renovation project occurred in three phases:

1. Design and installation of the Sportsbook
2. Design of the porte-cochere
3. Design and installation of the tower display

Although these phases began and were managed independently of each other, Yaham overlapped several elements to maximize efficiency and stick to the schedule. The entire process was managed by an on-site team and used the expertise of Yaham’s certified master electricians and project managers.

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The Challenge

Golden Entertainment wanted an alluring entrance at the Las Vegas Boulevard intersection to create a bold, welcoming experience. They also requested an update to the interior displays in the Sportsbook. A primary concern of ownership was to minimize any disruption to their guests while maintaining smooth business operations during the process.

The entire project was conducted during COVID-19 restrictions, so our team had to work with a flexible schedule to install essential features when it was safe and effective to do so. The tower still offered thrill rides, such as the SkyJump, so the project had to be organized around these entertainment schedules.

Another challenge to designing the port-cochere was creating a new look that harmonized with the main building's pre-existing structure. Our team worked carefully with the existing designs to create LED features that dovetailed perfectly with the curved radius of The STRAT exterior.

The Solution

All three phases of the project were handled on time and on budget by our in-house team of designers, electricians and technicians. Starting with the Sportsbook, Yaham created a digital montage of curved, ceiling-hung displays and viewing angles. The innovative porte-cochere was designed to match with the existing structure to promote The STRAT and mark its place on Las Vegas Boulevard.

And The STRAT tower sign, using 25mm diodes in the past, so we updated it with a modernized 16mm LED display. This new sign is vibrant, energy-efficient, and a 360 degree wow-factor for on the Las Vegas skyline.

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Going Above and Beyond

Yaham is committed to delivering turn-key services and solutions. From inspecting electrical and communication requirements to installing finished, custom LED signage, we are the right choice for spectacular LED solutions. Yaham’s innovation and expertise helped achieve the goals of the hotel and casino as it transitioned its business and branding to The STRAT.


Contact the Yaham team today to learn more about the power of LED signage. We are happy to help you find the right solutions for your business needs and budget. When you are ready, request a quote to take your first step towards upgrading your digital displays.

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