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The Venetian
Sands Project

The LED displays in Las Vegas are always growing grander in scale and technological capabilities. Aging brand signage can falsely create a less than appealing impression of broader hotel operations. Yaham is frequently brought in to design and build the next great spectacular display on the Strip. Our leading edge technology and patented products are the key to effective, long-term LED display solutions across North America and the globe. Yaham was recently awarded the honor of refurbishing the Venetian’s LED display, ultimately giving the Venetian a larger vantage point on Las Vegas Boulevard, and the ability to improve their visual appeal to potential guests .

The Project

Yaham won the Venetian Sands Project in a competitive bid process. The Sands' displays were 10 years old and depicted a theme that no longer represented the Sands today. The vision was to reimagine the entire display, not just change out LED modules.

The clocktower at the Venetian had an aging LED screen with static images above it. The corner at the Sands Palazzo had a limited media impact because of its size. Sands Corporation redesigned the interior structure, careful not to harm the existing architecture outside. The idea was to double the size of the display. For the Palazzo corner, Sands Corporation teamed up with a construction company re-engineer and expand the building.

Yaham provided ideas and ingenuity on how our technology could accomplish the specific requirements of this project. It was important to ensure that the Venetian theme was consistent throughout the proposed improvements. The intent was to double the screen size without increasing the overall size of the sign. On the palazzo corner, however, the existing structure was insufficient and required improvements.

Creating a Masterpiece

There were several challenges with the Venetian Sands Project, namely that we had to work on an existing structure, on the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard. COVID-19 restrictions reduced the number of guests, but a significant amount remained, so site preparations and safety considerations were paramount.

We had to work around pedestrians at all times of the day as to not impede guests visiting the property. On top of keeping the installers and workers safe throughout COVID-19, we managed communication between our team, contractors, and hotel personnel.

In a project of this size, we had to coordinate between several groups. We worked with ironworkers, electrical contractors, and engineers from the Venetian Palazzo. A significant part of the project was the management of all entities and ensuring that phases and steps were properly scheduled and executed as to not affect progress.

The Palazzo corner is a concave display. For cost efficiency and architectural integrity, we used the existing steel and added new steel as required. We had to evaluate, measure, and survey each section, ensuring that the LED cabinets fit the radiuses dictated by the architect.

The Result

We had to be flexible throughout the process. We worked efficiently with all members of the various teams to produce a finished product that exceeded high expectations. We made efficient and maximum use of time to stay on schedule while being flexible for the 24/7 operating nature of the property.

As a US based design-build supplier Yaham has distinct advantages. We dream, design and deliver right alongside our clients. Signs can be down for days to weeks while problems are diagnosed and parts are either sent out for repairs or ordered. As a local company, we are onsite and responsive throughout the process.

Black Doted LED Bring Your Vision To Light

Going Above and Beyond

By handling all facets, our projects begin with an architectural rendering that we turn into an iconic display. As we bring this vision to life, all components are stress tested at our facility and field-checked upon installation to ensure that everything fits perfectly and works as designed.

We thank our partners at the Venetian for the privilege of remaking an original showpiece into a show stopper for years to come. Yaham stands ready to help you bring your vision to light.


Contact the Yaham team today to learn more about the power of LED signage. We are happy to help you find the right solutions for your business needs and budget. When you are ready, request a quote to take your first step towards upgrading your digital displays.

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