YAHAM is a proven industry leader with quality, innovation and cutting edge design at the forefront with its product range.  Implementing an LED signage strategy leads to greater return on investment.  Whilst we have numerous sizes of LED signage in stock we are able to provide a customized service to suit the needs of our customers. YAHAM hold numerous patents with its products due to very strong investment in research and development. The team at YAHAM enjoy working with our customers on projects, and takes pride in being able develop purpose built quality products, which are not only visually stimulating, dynamic and aesthetically pleasing, but exceed the expectations of our customers.


The Benefits of Working with YAHAM are Easily Found in their Philosophy of Excellence in Customer Service and High Quality Products:

  • Customers dealing direct with the manufacturer;
  • Proven performance when dealing with major projects worldwide; 
  • Expertise in the field since 1993 and now the biggest Nichia diode buyer in China which makes us one of Nichia's strategy partners, and more than 20,000 displays installed across USA, Canada, Australia, UK, China and abroad;
  • Professional service from customized quote, installation, training and maintenance; Having an inventory of stock ready to ship worldwide (reduced time from order to supply);
  • A 24 hour help desk to ensure time zones aren't an issue in responding to customer queries worldwide.
  • An experienced team of experts to undertake custom made projects and bring your concept to life;


I have been in the LED display business for the past 20 years purchasing from several local brands such as Watchfire, Daktronics, etc. I started using YAHAM LED displays in 2007 and have continued to use them in every one of my projects. So far, at least 20 outdoor LED displays installed in our city and 7 four-faced center hang displays in many arenas throughout Canada. YAHAM has always delivered my orders on time; their product quality is consistent and just as great as what they promise me. Their North America service center has an incredibly helpful staff, responding to my service requests in a very timely manner. Simply said, YAHAM is the vendor my business can rely on.

~ Les K
Regina of Canada

We just finished a project using a YAHAM 25mm outdoor mesh LED display and two YAHAM 16mm ticker displays, I was the consultant from the bidding invitation all the way to project completion, and YAHAM’s team of people and products have exceeded my every expectation. Not only are their prices fair but also the level of quality of their LEDs and the professionalism of their employees made this a very enjoyable business deal. Communication between branches and departments was seamless leading to a very smooth installation. The customer was very happy once the LEDs were installed and noted that they would definitely choose YAHAM again for future ventures.

~ S. Willis from OH

I was the regional manager of a NASDAQ company for 15 years, with our main business consisting of selling LED ticker displays. In the last 5 years, we have purchased from at least 3 different vendors, YAHAM being one of them. We purchased approximately 15 displays from YAHAM all of which have proven to be very high quality and very effective. The members of their US based office branch were not only helpful but also very professional.
Five months ago, I opened a new LED business with two other business partners. We are now using YAHAM as an exclusive vendor due to my previous satisfied experience; I hope the professional relationship between YAHAM and I continue to flourish just as our businesses do.

~ D. Lytes from Toronto

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