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3D Billboards

Welcome to YAHAM! Keep reading to learn about 3D billboards—what they are, how they work, and how much they cost.

3D Billboards: What Are They?

If you’ve ever seen a billboard where the images seem to leap out at you, creating an illusion of depth, then you’ve seen a 3D billboard.

Today’s 3D displays go beyond the flat, two-dimensional billboards most people are accustomed to, offering a visually dynamic ad space that looks like you’re looking at something real rather than just a picture.

Companies that want an eye-catching display should consider using a 3D billboard.

How Do 3D Billboards Work?

3D billboards create three-dimensional images using physical components and/or visual and digital tricks.

3D Billboard Extensions and Props

For instance, 3D billboards use structural elements that extend beyond the billboard’s flat surface. These structural elements play with perspective and shadow to give the illusion of depth and movement.

Unlike anamorphic designs, these elements are literal physical structures that act in space and include things like basic shapes, complex figures, and other tangible elements.

3D Billboard Lenticular Printing and Anamorphic Designs

For digital 3D billboards, techniques like lenticular printing and anamorphic designs are employed to enhance the illusion of depth and three-dimensionality. Lenticular printing can be used for two things—one, creating multiple images for a given amount of ad space and two, adding depth.

A three-dimensional lenticular image doesn’t change depending on the viewing angle. Its purpose is to produce depth, which is accomplished by combining several layers to make a single image.

Anamorphic designs, on the other hand, rely on shapes and distorted images to create a 3D effect.

How Much Do 3D Billboards Cost?

These figures are estimates only and will vary.*

Size Category Approximate Dimensions Estimated Monthly Cost (USD) Additional Considerations
Small 4×4 feet $2,000 – $4,000 Ideal for targeted campaigns in small or niche areas.
Medium 10×20 feet $10,000 – $30,000 Suitable for local businesses in city locations or on highways.
Large 20×60 feet $50,000 – $80,000 Perfect for high-impact advertising in major urban centers or busy highways.
Extra Large Custom sizes $100,000+ Customized solutions for landmark advertising or unique promotional events.
Standard 1 6 feet x 12 feet Varies Common size for smaller, local advertising.
Standard 2 14 feet x 48 feet Varies Widely used for major roadways and urban areas.
Standard 3 10 feet x 40 feet Varies Frequent choice for impactful roadside ads.
Standard 4 12 feet, 3 inches x 24 feet, 6 inches Varies A versatile size for various locations.
Standard 5 10 feet, 5 inches x 22 feet, 8 inches Varies Less common, but effective for specific placements.
Standard 6 10½ feet x 36 feet Varies Often seen in busy urban or suburban areas.
Standard 7 16 feet x 60 feet Varies Large format for maximum visibility in high-traffic locations.

What Factors Impact The Total Price of a 3D Billboard?

Here are the primary factors that determine how much a 3D billboard costs:

  • Screen size
  • Screen shape
  • Screen resolution
  • Location (also Indoor or outdoor)
  • Duration of the ad campaign
  • Time of day or night for ad display (peak hours vs off-peak)
  • Installation costs
  • Structural modifications
  • Operating costs
  • Demand and availability in the chosen location
  • Custom features (like interactive technology or special lighting)

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Are 3D Billboards Effective?

A 3D billboard’s effectiveness depends on several factors, such as its placement and location. With that said, 3D billboards are often highly effective for one important reason:

  • Novelty and increased interest: 3D billboards aren’t as common as regular billboards, so they tend to draw attention. Their increased visibility (due to their three-dimensionality) makes them a potentially high-impact advertising option when used in strategic locations.

An example of a highly effective 3D billboard is the six-story tall mega display in Times Square, New York, which is considered to be the largest 3D billboard in the world.

Learn more about the Largest 3D Billboard In The World

This 3D billboard was first displayed in Times Square, New York, in 2022. It has 1700+ LED display modules! Read more about it at: The world’s first and largest 3D billboard.

The WAVE – A Super Large Anamorphic LED Display

Another highly effective 3D billboard is The Wave, which has a 1,600-square-meter screen!

How Popular Are 3D Billboards?

While not as widespread as regular digital billboards, 3D billboards are growing in popularity, especially in major urban centers and high-traffic areas.

There are several reasons for this, including:

  • Technological advancements have made 3D effects more feasible and cost-effective.
  • Businesses are drawn to 3D billboards because of their ability to engage viewers.
  • 3D billboards often become landmarks or points of interest that people like to share on social media, extending the reach of the advertisement beyond just the physical viewers.
  • 3D billboards offer a creative solution to capture consumer attention.
  • In cities where 3D billboards have been successfully implemented, their popularity has inspired similar adoption in other cities.

Real-World Example of a Popular 3D Billboard

A real-life example of a popular 3D billboard is Coca-Cola’s 3D Robotic Billboard in Times Square, New York City.

Introduced in 2017, the billboard features a three-dimensional display that utilizes moving LED screens. The screens are designed to move and extend outwards independently, creating a dynamic, multi-sensory experience for viewers.

3D Billboard vs. Traditional Billboard – Which Is Better?

Both 3D and traditional billboards have advantages and disadvantages. Here are some considerations:

3D Billboards:

  • Offer high engagement due to their novelty. These billboards are great for creating memorable experiences and impressions.
  • Stand out in crowded urban spaces.
  • Are generally more expensive due to complexity in design and technology.
  • Are best for: High-impact campaigns, luxury brands, or when aiming to create a buzz or viral content.

Traditional Billboards:

  • Can display a variety of content, from simple text to complex videos.
  • Are generally more affordable and easier to change or update content.
  • Are suitable for repeated, consistent messaging over time.
  • Can be placed in a variety of locations, including both high-traffic and more intimate settings.
  • Are best For: Campaigns with limited budgets, frequent content changes, or for conveying straightforward information.

Contact YAHAM to learn more about our 3D and traditional billboards. We are your one-stop shop for signage solutions. We have the expertise to assist you with every facet of sign ownership.

3D Billboards – Future Development Trends

The future of 3D billboards currently points toward a fusion of advanced technologies and innovative design.

Here are some potential trends:

Augmented Reality (AR)

Future 3D billboards will likely incorporate augmented reality (AR), allowing passersby to interact with ads using their smartphones.

Beyond AR, interactivity could extend to motion sensors or voice recognition, allowing viewers to engage with the billboard in real time.

Eco-Friendly and Energy Efficient

As environmental concerns grow, the use of eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient technologies in 3D billboard construction and operation will likely increase.

Personalized Content

With advancements in AI and big data, 3D billboards will likely display personalized content based on viewer demographics, time of day, and even weather conditions.

Higher Resolutions

Technological advancements will likely lead to higher-resolution screens, offering crisper and more detailed 3D visuals.

Narrative-Driven Content

Future 3D billboards might focus on narrative-driven content, where the viewer becomes part of the story and ad flow.

Increased Popularity

3D billboards will likely become more integrated with cityscapes and will use the sides of buildings or other urban structures as canvases for larger-than-life 3D advertisements.

Additionally, while currently prominent in major urban centers, the future could see 3D billboards expand into smaller cities and towns.

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