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Despite the focus on internet advertising during the last decade, outdoor advertising still has a strong hold in the marketing industry. In fact, any LED display manufacturer can tell you that the market has grown on the international level in recent years. Roughly 40% of consumers say they regularly pay attention to outdoor advertising, and even those who do not are likely subconsciously taking in some of the messages. Is your marketing strategy working for you? If you are not already using an LED billboard, here’s why you need to make the switch now.

  1. LED Billboards Are Perfect for Grabbing Attention

Traditional billboards just do not have the “oomph” you get from an LED billboard. LED advertising is made to grab attention. Bright colors and moving animations practically demand that passersby stop to read your message. Traditional boards, on the other hand, often do not use a lot of lighting, save for a few regular bulbs to make the billboard readable at night. The lack of movement or ability to grab attention means their messages are often lost on the audience.

  1. LED Billboards Allow Advertisers to Be More Creative

Digital billboards allow business owners to show off their creativity. Traditional billboard advertising requires a company to choose one image or a few lines of text to grab attention and gain interest, but that simply is not enough in today’s digital world. A digital LED billboard creates opportunity. From basic text to colorful digital pictures to highly detailed and unique ideas, there is a huge variety to offer. You get unparalleled creativity in the form of your vision and message to your target audience.

  1. LED Billboards Can Be Operated Remotely

LED billboards are much more convenient than their traditional counterparts because they can be operated from anywhere that has a wireless internet connection. In fact, you can run multiple billboards in multiple cities and states, all from one back-end. This makes it easier to change your advertisements based on the time of year, current sales or holidays. This freedom allows you to pivot when necessary and not be locked into a message that may no longer be as effective as you intended it to be.

  1. LED Billboards Provide Unlimited Advertising

Perhaps one of the best things about outdoor LED signs is that the advertising capabilities are unlimited. Do you have one message you want to run 24 hours a day? You can do that. Perhaps you have several specials going on and want to advertise them all. Simply add them all to your billboard and set the messages to loop. It is not just about advertising sales, either. You can use your digital LED billboard to list today’s menu specials, advertise your next live acts at your music venue, or even just to wish passersby happy holidays or a good day.

  1. LED Billboards Are a Durable Investment

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of billboard advertising is the durability. Traditional billboards use vinyl and underlighting that require constant cleaning and maintenance to remain safe and effective. On the other hand, digital boards are much more weather-resistant and therefore require a different level of care. They are also more durable than conventional television monitor advertising, and, because of the higher quality, are more effective too. LEDs can be seen from all angles and in all types of light, while traditional monitors can catch a glare from lights or the sun, making them difficult or impossible to read.

  1. LED Billboards Allow for Third-Party Advertising

When you own a traditional billboard, there is no good way to rent out your space to more than one company at a time. LED billboards make this easy. Because you control how many messages there are, how long they stay in rotation, and how long they are visible on the screen, you can sell packages to third-party advertisers. Perhaps a company is offering a weekend sale and wants people to know about it. Sell small packages for several days’ worth of advertising. Some businesses want longer-term options. You can base pricing on how long the message is, how often they want it displayed, and how long they intend to display it.

  1. LED Billboards Can’t Be Avoided

A flexible LED display can be aggressive without the consumer feeling so. When you advertise on the internet, recipients of your advertising can block your emails, block ads on social media, unfollow your accounts, and so on. Advertising through traditional mail is not very common anymore, and people who receive ads in the mail typically toss them without ever looking at them. LED billboards are different. While they may not intend to do so, your audience oftentimes don’t realize they’re absorbing your advertising message, while you have still made an impact.

When choosing outdoor LED signs for your business, consider working with a professional company through each step of the process. Yaham LED are experts and offer a true turn key solution from concept and design, to installation and maintenance. Sign experts can help you to determine how large your billboard should be, how high the resolution should be, and a myriad of additional support to ensure your project is a complete success. Yaham’s team of sign experts are knowledgeable, experienced, friendly, and ready to answer your questions. Get in touch with us today for a free quote and to learn how we can help you keep your business booming!