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Outdoor LED signs are a great way to advertise. They are bright, colorful, and have excellent clarity, which is why, even in the middle of the day, they stand out. A lot of advertisers use them, but not everyone knows how they work, how long they last, or how much they cost.

Knowing how your LED screen works and what to expect when getting one is important if you run a business, which is why we have put together some information regarding LED screens for your reference.

If you already know about outdoor LED signs and would like to contact us about getting one, call us at 702-909-6059. We offer custom-made displays with excellent quality and resolution.

The Basics of How Outdoor LED Signs Work

LED signs are composed of tiny lights called light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

These tiny diodes come in three colors—red, green, and blue (RGB)—and work together to form a pixel.

The way LEDs work is by changing the brightness or intensity of individual diodes, which changes the overall pixel color and produces the fantastic LED colors we are all familiar with.

LEDs can keep a single image by maintaining the intensity levels of the individual diodes but can also produce motion by turning the diodes on and off at varying speeds.

There are two main types of LED modules.

  1. DIP LED Display Modules.
  2. SMD LED Display Modules.

For the most part, DIP LED Display Modules are used outdoors, and SMD LED Display Modules are used indoors. But LED technology has improved over the years to where SMD is now bright enough to be a great outdoor solution as well.

Anything 16mm and greater will be DIP, and anything below 16mm will be SMD.

How Long Do LED Signs Last?

 LED signs typically last 100k hours, which is quite a long time. But it is possible to make your sign last longer.

To understand this, let us look at the factors that determine longevity.

Factor 1 – The Quality of The Material Used To Make An LED Sign

Having an LED sign made from high-quality material makes a huge difference in how long it lasts. The material should be resistant to precipitation, corrosion-resistant, and be weather-sealed.

At YAHAM, all our screens are required to meet strict quality standards, which means you always have excellent quality products. For more information about the materials we use and our quality standards, call us at 702-909-6059.

Factor 2 – Outdoor Heat

Other than extreme weather, the primary enemy of outdoor LED signs is heat. This is why good manufacturers make sure their designs have in-built temperature monitoring technology and fan-controlled ventilation systems.

If a display’s temperature gets too high, it can cause the diodes to fail, decreasing the lifespan of the sign significantly.

Factor 3 – LED Display Aftercare and Maintenance

Regular maintenance on your LED sign is important.

Small steps such as inspecting your outdoor LED display for dirt and other debris and an occasional wipe down go a long way in improving your sign’s overall lifespan. Outdoor LED screens require very little maintenance, but sometimes maintenance is required.

If you need more in-depth maintenance, you can work with the manufacturer or installation company directly.

Factor 4 – What Images Are Displayed

The brightness of your images plays a substantial role in how long your LED screen lasts. White light demands more from your sign, so consider using darker colors.

Factor 5 – The Length Of LED Run Time

As we mentioned above, LED signs usually last 100k hours, which comes out to about 10 years if you are using your screen 24/7. Utilizing your sign only at certain times will make your screen last several years longer.

How Much Do Outdoor LED Signs Cost?

 There is no fixed price when it comes to outdoor LED signs. Prices vary depending on what you want to use your sign for and what features you want.

Costs are bespoke and depend on pixel resolution and physical size.

What Makes LEDs Superior To Other Types Of Outdoor Signage?

 LED signs are highly preferred compared to other screen types since LEDs have excellent lighting quality.

LED signs are also superior because:

  1. They Are Energy Efficient

LEDs are an excellent choice for those who need brightness and energy efficiency. LEDs produce 100+ lumens per watt, which means that they use very little power compared to other lighting technologies.

  1. Outdoor LED Screens Have More Life Hours

LED diodes last 100k hours or more. Compare that to glass neon signs, which last 10,000 to 20,000 hours.

  1. Outdoor LED Screens Are Safer 

LED screens are a safer alternative to neons and fluorescents because they contain no breakable glass parts or toxic mercury. LED lights stay cool even after several hours of use, unlike other lights that can get hot enough to cause fires.

  1. Outdoor LED Screens Have Higher Light Quality

LED screens are better for reading at long distances or in direct sunlight. They are also easy to customize and control remotely.

Get An Outdoor LED Sign Now

Given their many advantages, it is no surprise why so many businesses use outdoor LED screens for their signage needs. To get an LED sign with us, contact us at 702-909-6059. YAHAM has been in operation for 25+ years, offering our customers the very best in modern signage.