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While outdoor LED displays can increase revenue for you and advertisers, purchasing the right technology will affect your bottom line for years to come. There are many factors to consider when investing in digital displays, none more impactful than the size and pixel pitch you choose. Given the overwhelmingly positive impact that LED advertising can have, it may be helpful to assess the cost for your company to install an LED sign.

What Does an LED Billboard Cost?

There are a number of cost considerations with outdoor LED signs. These are the LED display screen, installation costs, transportation costs,  energy costs, and future maintenance costs. Let’s look at these categories for a better estimate of the expense.

1. Base Billboard Price

To start your estimate, you need to consider the most reliable, high-quality LED display manufacturer. YahamLED is a global leader that excels at delivering the best in the business. Who you choose to work with impacts the cost of the display, as working with a third-party vendor indicates your purchase price will have been marked up from the initial purchase price the vendor received from the manufacturer. YahamLED is a direct manufacturer, offering turn-key solutions to design, installation and maintenance.

The larger your sign, the higher the price. Primary costs are typically estimated by the square meter and the control system that operates the sign, though factors for cabinet material, PCB board, power supply, driving IC, and LEDs are also considered. Your budget will determine what size sign you can afford. More advanced operating systems, such as a wireless connection, will be more expensive than a hard-line connection. If you want your billboard to be updated remotely, through a computer or personal devices, the tech needs are more critical.

2. Transportation Expenses

Most commonly, LED signs are transported by air, sea and ground.  Costs are driven by size, weight and required delivery date.

3. Installation

Depending on the manufacturer you chose to work with, your purchase may include installation costs. This is the best way to move forward, as the company is completely responsible for ensuring everything is working properly. YahamLED provides this turn-key solution when ordering a billboard from the company.

4. Maintenance Expense

One impressive aspect of outdoor LED signage is the ability to withstand the constant exposure to harsh weather elements. Though more durable than neon or traditionally lit signs, there will be some maintenance required. The more common maintenance costs are incurred through replacing the power supply or receiving cables, repairing or replacing modules, and minor damage to parts. Working with a company that offers sign maintenance and extended warranties can help limit any repair or replacement strain on your budget. YahamLED carries extended warranties and a team of expert technicians to assist with maintenance.

5. Energy Costs

Operating an LED sign is much more affordable than a standard backlit or neon sign. The LED lights use less energy and expel less heat than alternatives. Your manufacturer will be able to share with you power consumption of the LED screen and can provide projected electric costs based on kw rates in your area and hours of operation.

Where Should You Order an LED Billboard?

If you’re ready to invest in the installation of an LED sign, turn to YahamLED. Their products have been in over 112 countries with over 50,000 successful installations. As a leading choice in LED signage, your company’s advertising potential will be in the hands of experts.