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Your company’s business plan should include an operating budget  for outdoor lighting and adequate signage. These funds may be best spent by purchasing an outdoor LED sign. In today’s competitive business environment, first impressions are important for attracting attention and establishing your brand. Installing an LED sign outdoor isn’t just an investment for  Fortune 500 companies. These sign options are also a strong way for small to mid-sized companies to make a mark in their community. Here are just 12 of the positive things ordering an LED sign from YahamLED can do your company.

  1. It Will Be a Cost-Effective Decision

Look beyond the initial cost of installing an LED sign to evaluate the return on investment. The long-term benefits give this option a cheaper price tag compared to standard signage and other marketing strategies. Changing content is also more efficient and doesn’t incur any additional installation costs.

  1. It Makes for a Highly Visible Display

LED outdoor signage is much brighter and colorful than traditional backlit signs. Your company will gain more visibility with a  more vibrant sign, grabbing attention from greater distances. In addition to the high-profile nature of the lighting, LED signs — whether single color or full color — are visible during daylight hours or direct sunlight.

  1. It Will Be Long Lasting

Traditionally lit signs need the bulbs replaced periodically, as well as having different elements repaired or replaced after exposure to severe weather conditions. LED signs are constructed for outdoor use and have modules that last over 100,000 hours. Additionally, the housing for the parts is made from long-lasting, impermeable materials.

  1. It Attracts Positive Attention

Every image your company presents to the community is important, and with an LED sign, you are maximizing your message and your image in one move. These signs are effective in highly public places because of the attention they attract. Signs from YahamLED present graphics and visuals in a compelling way, bringing positive curb appeal to your company.

  1. It Brings Versatility

Static, unchanging imagery and content mean consumers can quickly forget about your brand message. Many companies forgo potential advertising campaigns because of the delay and expense of updated static images. Digital LED signs outdoor can be updated from the comfort of your office with just a few computer keystrokes. The changes occur in real-time, or you can conveniently schedule changes to information to take place on certain days, weeks, or time of day.

  1. It Allows for Custom Advertising

The ease of changing out the message or graphics on an LED sign makes this one of the most practical advertising and notification options on the market. Whatever is occurring, be it weather conditions, shifts in consumer trends, or holiday schedules, LED signage can be changed as rapidly as needed. An outdoor LED sign is completely scalable to your company’s needs.

  1. It Uses Less Electricity Than Traditional Options

There are additional cost savings for your company when you consider how an LED sign consumes less electricity over  traditional  signs. Shop for  UL Certified suppliers  to ensure maximum savings in this area.

  1. It Promotes an Eco-Friendly Reputation

Many consumers are concerned with their carbon footprint and are paying more attention to places where they shop and the products they buy. As LED lights require less energy to operate, they are considered more energy-efficient over other traditional sign options. These signs are also known for generating very low amounts of heat. These qualities promote an eco-friendly reputation for your brand.

  1. It Requires Less Maintenance Than Alternatives

The sturdy construction of an LED sign compares favorably against traditional signs. LED signs are less likely to shake loose or experience burnouts. Once installed, they typically require very little maintenance and repair, saving your company money on service work.

  1. It Helps Create Personal Connections

A focused marketing message can do wonders for your customer engagement levels. Aim timely advertising messages at any target market. With the scheduling abilities of LED signs, you can have one message displayed for the morning commuters and another displayed for families waiting in carpool lines, and you can also post an announcement message during community events. This personalized touch develops community awareness,  trust and builds loyalty to your brand.

  1. It Spurs Instant Action

Consumers gravitate toward LED signs, even from far away. With bold communication and graphics that command attention, you can convey messages that spur instant action and attract impulse buyers. Flash sales or special buys can be instantly updated on the sign to generate more traffic.

  1. It Makes You Memorable

Out of the many marketing options your company has, outdoor LED displays create a lasting memory in potential consumers. They create brand staying power, even when a shopper is seeing your business from a distance. Appealing graphics, memorable information, and current content are key elements of making sure people know your name and recognize your brand.

Outdoor LED signs can change the trajectory of your business in positive ways. Whether it is developing a unique marketing strategy for your brand or attracting the attention of the community, a well-placed, well-lit sign is an asset. For more information on the latest trends in LED signage or to bring your sign idea out of the darkness and into the light, contact the YahamLED team at 702-909-6059.