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Surprise and impress your guests by installing LED digital hotel signage that transforms the check-in process, provides updated menus and schedules for in-house events, and alerts guests to important information regarding their stay at your hotel or resort. Consider these five ways in which you can elevate your guests’ experience by installing our high-quality digital signage.

  1. Create a Virtual Concierge

Many modern hotels now employ high-resolution LED signage for the lobby and check-in desks, facilitating the check-in process. In this age of the internet, search engines, and online takeout services, many people are accustomed to completing administrative tasks by themselves and on their own time. Let your guests know that you are attuned to their needs from the minute they walk into your building by taking advantage of features like touchscreen controls and 4K resolution to give your clients both autonomy and a crystal-clear picture of their check-in options.

Lists of amenities, like spa services or a fitness class schedule, can also be displayed digitally in your lobby to give your guests a better idea of the activities available to them or events that are taking place during their stay. Encourage them to book a massage or make a dinner reservation using their very own virtual concierge.

  1. Personalize Your Guests’ Wedding or Other Large Event

Consider using your new digital signs to personalize your guests’ experience during their stay. For example, when a wedding party enters the lobby, you can display the name of the future bride and groom on one of our standard indoor S2 LED screens.

Another fun way to personalize digital signage, especially if your hotel is celebrating a holiday or special event, is by displaying your guests’ social media posts and pictures from their stay with you. Create a unique hashtag for that corporate event, Christmas party, or wedding, and encourage your guests to comment, update their status, and view their name and pictures as part of your hotel’s temporary décor. The pixel pitches of our screens vary from four to 12 millimeters, and we can additionally work with you to provide the right dimensions for your space. Color calibration on every pixel enhances the brightness and color spectrum of your guests’ pictures and videos.

  1. Provide Your Guests With Clarity and Convenience

Increase traffic to the correct counters, conference rooms, and waiting areas by providing your guests with LED signage that tells them where to go and when. Our indoor displays can direct guests to the check-in counter, help them find their room, and entertain them with news, talk shows, or home improvement programs while they wait in a crowded lobby.

By providing your guests with a menu or schedule that is always updated and relevant to their stay, you can increase traffic to your in-house services and make guests feel welcomed, valued, and informed. You may have to update several different groups of people with new room information or a revised schedule. Quickly changing a digital display grabs your guests’ attention and saves you the headache of having to make an announcement or put up physical signs.

Create custom notifications that won’t be missed from any vantage point. Our screens can be viewed from horizontal angles from 30 to 160 degrees as well as vertical angles from 20 to 120 degrees without deformity or decrease in picture quality.

  1. Advertise Premium Services and Fun Events on Hotel Signage

Ensure that your guests are aware of the exciting activities and services your hotel offers. Choose elevator signs or take advantage of underused wall areas by installing displays that can function as digital notification spaces to keep your guests informed. Our Super Slim LED series, with a 29.5mm thickness, can be installed in spaces that you may assume are too small or tight for a high-resolution display.

Make sure that no foreign travelers are left out of the fun by adding translations of your signs’ messages in common languages like Spanish, French, Mandarin, and Arabic. Your guests will be pleased that you took the time to think of their needs and wellbeing during their stay.

  1. Protect Your Guests With Time-Sensitive Safety Alerts

Though natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, and extreme weather conditions are not pleasant situations to consider, they must be planned for in the event that they do happen. Utilize both indoor and outdoor digital signage to alert guests about an emergency and indicate emergency exits and evacuation plans. When considering durable, reliable LED signage for outdoors, consider the thin, fixed LED display signs from our S3 collection. They are designed for years of dependable, energy-efficient outdoor use, come in various pixel pitches, and are easy to access from the front and back for quick maintenance.

Digital signs can do more for your guests than serve as exciting and entertaining wall fixtures. LED displays can welcome, educate, and safeguard your customers, making their stay more comfortable and enjoyable. When you install digital signage, you are making sure that your guests have a great first impression from the moment they walk in the door and leave with memories of a happy, fun-filled vacation.

As a high-quality LED display manufacturer with over 400 employees around the world, Yaham has gained the loyalty of numerous customers with dedication, quality materials, and friendly and accessible customer service. Contact us today to learn more about what are the available options for your hotel or resort, and how, by installing new signage, you can both enliven your property and make your guests’ stay more memorable.