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When someone approaches your retail location, what is their first impression? What are customers thinking while they are shopping? The nature of on-premise shopping has changed substantially due to the internet. Shoppers are seeking more meaningful and complete experiences when they visit retail locations. Retail digital signage can help you to develop and deliver that experience.

The Power of Retail Video Display Systems

The visual component of retail cannot be overstated. More and more people are buying products online. However, this hasn’t caused the extinction of in-person shopping. Instead, it has caused an evolution.

Consumers are seeking unique experiences that are only possible in brick-and-mortar retail. A major element of that is engaging more deeply with the meaning and aesthetic of a brand beyond products’ features and benefits.

Another key element of the modern retail experience is convenient access to information that isn’t always as simple in the online retail experience. From both an experiential and informational perspective, in-store digital signage systems can be very valuable. These are a few ways that LED signage can help your business:

  • Capture attention of shoppers and passersby
  • Improve brand awareness
  • Enhance wayfinding both inside and outside of the store
  • Provide valuable information in real-time
  • Update easily depending on the current needs of your business

What Market Trends Say About Retail Digital Signage

Current market trends back up the importance of retail video display systems in the modern shopping experience. These are a few important facts:

  • More than half of consumers indicate that they base their perception of a store on the exterior appearance when they first arrive. In other words, your signage is doing a lot more than just providing information. It is also setting the tone for your customers’ experiences and expectations as they shop.
  • According to Accenture, almost 60% of consumers indicate that they want to receive information about promotions while they are shopping. LED screens can deliver highly relevant information just in time as consumers are shopping in your retail location.
  • Other research has found that around two-thirds of consumers who have tried to find information while shopping were unable to do so. Using signs to provide valuable and relevant data to consumers can help them enjoy a better experience at your establishment.

Attract Attention With LED Signs

Using striking signage is a highly effective way to capture the attention of foot traffic and current shoppers. LED retail digital signage offers the depth of color and vibrancy necessary to present an inviting and distinctive aesthetic on the exterior of your location.

Furthermore, retail video display systems allow you to introduce motion to your signs. Compared to conventional, static signs, these are more eye-catching and engaging.

You can deliver the visual experience that modern consumers expect. Whether you are in fashion, technology, décor, gaming or any other field, LED signage can help you to achieve success.

Promote Your Latest Products and Deals With Video Displays

Sales promotions and new product releases can help introduce a sense of excitement and urgency that makes customers want to buy now. Of course, you can only realize these benefits if shoppers know about what you are offering.

LED signs provide a simple way to ensure that the latest information about your products and pricing is easily visible at all times. As mentioned above, shoppers are often frustrated that they can’t find this information. Make their purchase experience easier with digital displays.

Guide and Inform Shoppers With Digital Signage

You can use your in-store digital signage system to guide and inform your customers while they shop. For example, you can leverage your signs to make finding certain products and sections easier. Similarly, you can inform them about events or other details that may be relevant to their purchasing decisions.

The same can be applied outside of your store. In a mall, navigational displays are essential for helping shoppers to find their way. The same is true for roadside signage. Well-placed and planned displays can significantly increase foot traffic and interest.

Get Turnkey Retail Digital Signage Solutions

LED signage is most effective when it is implanted thoughtfully from design to installation and continued maintenance. Of course, you want to find solutions that can match your timeline and your budget.

YAHAM works with businesses ranging from small, local businesses to billion-dollar retailers. We provide custom and turnkey retail video display systems that can give your business the edge it needs to grow and thrive in a competitive retail environment. Here are some of the advantages of working with us:

  • Beautiful Displays: We provide high-quality, LED displays that offer bright, vibrant colors and deep, crisp blacks. Our displays will immediately give your business an eye-catching, modern look.
  • Easy Management: Our systems make it easy to manage the content being displayed on your screens. Our seasoned team will plan and install a comprehensive solution including signage, project management, installation, content creation and more.
  • Top-Quality Hardware: You can buy directly from YAHAM manufacturing. This ensures that you get the best-quality hardware without the risk of third-party involvement.
  • Consistent Support: We go much further than planning and installing your system. We offer 24/7 international telephone assistance. Whenever you need help with our systems, we will be there to support you.

Trust YAHAM for Your LED Signage Needs

YAHAM has been providing high-quality displays and promotional solutions since 2002. We can help you to harness all the benefits of retail digital signage with our powerful and user-friendly systems. Call 702-909-6059 today to learn more about our turnkey solutions. Alternatively, request a quote online to take the first step towards your new LED displays.