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LED corner displays are a great way to project an image on a corner building or provide a unified lighting array where walls or cabinets meet. Technology in LED corner wrapping has advanced a considerable degree in recent years, and there are now multiple types of LED displays. The old styles of rounded LED corners are quickly becoming obsolete in the face of the newer seamless corners. So what exactly is the difference between a seamless LED corner vs rounded LED corners?

Rounded LED Corners

A traditional curved or rounded LED display brings two panels up against each other so they meet at a corner. The same image is produced across both panels creating the effect of a contiguous wrapping light pattern. The issue with these rounded corner displays is that the joint that connects the panels is visible as a black line that interrupts the image. For a long while, this was thought of as the only way to effectively create an LED corner sign. LED lights respond to the intensity of the electrical current that is put through them, making high-power setups perfect for advertising despite the perceived limitations.

Seamless LED Corners

New advances have changed the way people are understanding LED signage, and Yaham LED is at the forefront of these exciting developments. The difficulties in creating a corner-wrapping design have to do with the possible configurations of diodes. When you look at a big LED sign, the colored image is actually the result of thousands of tiny individual diodes that each produce a bright light of the assigned color. Design limitations are imposed by the finite number of ways to arrange a diode configuration. Our patented seamless corner technology eliminates the black line at the corner by creating a third overlapping panel in what we call a triple louver design.

Angle Advantages

A seamless corner design does more than create a smooth viewing experience. It also increases the impact of the sign by creating a wider viewing angle. People will be able to make out the full image from wherever they stand, whereas a typical L-shaped LED display breaks up the image from certain angles, reducing the number of potential viewers. Using the patented Yaham design also provides more options. Panels can be assembled into seamless corners at 135-degree, 115-degree or 90-degree building corners, whereas L-shaped corners can only fit onto 90-degree corners. This opens up possibilities for nearly endless building positions and corner arrangements.

Digging Into the Science

All of our LED corner products use composite RGBHV video signals, but the similarities end there. Each seamless LED corner is tuned to the ideal specification for its purpose, which means that different corner angles proffer different options:

  • Viewing distance: Our 135-degree signs come in different pixel pitches. The 20mm pitch can be viewed easily from a distance of 200m to as close as 20m. The 16mm pitch on the other hand can be viewed from just as far and also made out from a closer distance of 16m. The 115-degree corner comes only in a 12.5mm pixel pitch and can be viewed from a distance of 150m and as closely as 12m away. The greatest level of variation is accessible in the 90 degree seamless LED corners, which come in pixel pitches of 20mm, 16mm and 10mm, and can be viewed from distances of 200m-20m, 200m-16m, and 100m-10m respectively.
  • Brightness: The brightness of LED signs is measured in units called nits. Our 135-degree seamless corner displays at a maximum brightness of 10,000 nits for the 16mm pitch and 9,500 nits for the 20mm pitch. If you use the 115-degree sign, it can produce a maximum brightness of 7000 nits. The 90 degree seamless corner can display at a maximum of 10,000 nits for the 16mm pitch and as much as 7,000 nits for the 10mm pitch. The 20mm pitch for the 90 degree sign falls in the middle at a max of 9,500 nits.
  • Power Consumption: If you wish to set up a seamless corner LED display, you will need to account for power use. LED signs do not always operate at a singular level of power. Power consumption is proportional to the nits of brightness produced, and the values you should be aware of are average power consumption and maximum power consumption. Average and maximum power consumption do not always change with the pixel pitch of LED screens, but certain pixel pitches will consume power in different ways.
    • All our signs with a pixel pitch of 16mm and 20mm consume an average of 160W/m2, and if pushed to their max can consume as much as 400W/m2. Signs at a pixel pitch of both 12.5mm and 10mm consume an average of 240W/m2 and can max out at 600W/m2.
  • Power Supply: The power consumption of LED panels does not change with the power supply. As such, all of the power outputs use a 50/60Hz power supply with a voltage range of 110-380V. The variation in power consumption is due to the differences in the driving methods of the power supplies. In the less power-hungry models, a static current is used to transfer power to all of the diodes. In the more high-powered LED signs, the power is instead driven by a method of 1/2 dynamic scanning. Access to power supplies can always be found through the front or rear of the panel.
  • Temperature and Humidity: The best way to ensure that your signs function properly for as long as possible is to place them in an area where their temperatures will be ideal for the functionality of the inner circuitry. There is a high degree of flexibility in terms of where you can place your seamless LED corner, but they must always be stored or operated at a temperature anywhere between -20 and 50 degrees Celsius. If kept outside of this range, the extreme temperatures can cause the LED device to fail.
    • Similarly to temperature, most normal levels of humidity are fine for seamless LED corners. Certain extremes, however, will not be ideal for proper functioning. Our LED devices can operate at humidity levels as low as 5% and as high as 95% but work best somewhere in the middle. This extreme humidity resistance shows that even in heavy rain, our seamless LED corners will operate efficiently. Nothing short of being submerged under water or left in the middle of a desert will impair the functioning of Yaham LED displays.
  • Other Specifics: All Yaham LED seamless corners are protected with a level rated at IP65. Color correction and brightness correction are accounted for in every unit, insuring against any irregularities in viewer experience. Regardless of size, pixel pitch or angle variance, every seamless corner can shift into a grayscale of at least 14bit. The 135-degree seamless corners display at a resolution of 2*8 pixels, while the 90-degree seamless corner displays at a resolution of 4*8 pixels in the 16mm and 20mm pixel pitches. The 10mm pixel pitch version of the 90-degree seamless corner and the 12.5mm pixel pitch version of the 115-degree corner both display at a resolution of 4*16 pixels.

Every unit is fully inspected at the time of manufacturing to ensure that it meets the above specifications. Our team can consult with you to determine the perfect model to fit your needs.

The Yaham LED Promise

Occasionally, unexpected events occur that can impair the functioning of your sign. Whether through vandalism, extreme weather conditions or a freak accident, even seamless LED corners will still sometimes end up in need of repairs. We offer the option of a smart monitoring service that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If the slightest fault or irregularity occurs, the unit can be set up to trigger an alarm that will immediately signal a maintenance team.

At Yaham LED, we do more than manufacture the most advanced and intuitive seamless LED display on the market. We go above and beyond in customer service, and we will not hesitate to consult with you on a custom project. Whether you have questions about shipping arrangements, order placement or more specific information about an individual unit, there will be someone waiting to help you when you call 702-909-6059. Visit us today and get to work creating the perfect seamless corner display that will draw the eyes of everyone passing by your sign.