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For any type of outdoor event or signage, the best way to get attention, bring in customers and get people excited is with high quality signage. At Yaham LED, we offer the best in LED signage. Digital LED displays have transformed the way companies promote themselves. The old-fashioned, simple outdoor sign has been replaced with a dynamic, interactive and exciting digital display. Here are the benefits digital signage offers to companies looking to be leaders in their industries.

Gorgeous, Bright Display

One of the best reasons to choose an outdoor LED display is because of how gorgeous and bright it is. A simple, traditional sign has no chance of being noticed when there is a lit up LED display of a rainbow of colors nearby. Digital displays get people’s attention. The video, images and animations create a gorgeous, artistic representation of your company’s message and mission statement in a burst of color and light.

Increased Excitement

If you’re trying to generate excitement and get people interested in what your business is all about, a digital display is a great way to do it. With a society that embraces the digital screen, whether it’s a small smartphone or a jumbo screen at a sports event, a digital LED display helps tap into that automatic reflex for people to check out a digital screen. The world’s most famous landmarks that feature a high number of digital video displays, like New York’s Times Square and the Las Vegas Strip show how much excitement and crowd appeal these visuals drum up.

Quick Customization

Our digital displays and LED products also offer complete customization depending on your type of business and what you want out of a display. For businesses that want to focus on advertising, an LED display can show off clear images of products and customizable graphics. Companies that want a digital video display get high quality video playback on a large-scale screen. There are also ways to customize the size and shape of LED signage to fit a building’s design and overall purpose.

Energy Savings

Many years ago, running an illuminated display may have been cost prohibitive due to the higher energy usage of old fashioned displays like neon lighting or light up letters. Today’s energy-efficient LED displays have revolutionized the world of digital signage. Signage displays with LED lights use less energy than their older counterparts, like the traditional movie marquee, neon signs, fluorescent signs and other types of illuminated displays. Business owners who choose an LED digital display instead of a product that is not as energy efficient can help lower their company’s use of resources.

Weather Durability

An outdoor sign also has to be able to withstand all of the different possibilities from Mother Nature. In some cases, that may mean exposure to extreme heat, bitter cold, soaking rain and disruptive ice and snow. The newest technology in digital displays provides extreme durability, no matter what the weather has in store. The quality of the signs isn’t disrupted, even in the most dramatic weather changes.

Easy Setup

Today’s digital display products also offer customers a simple, stress-free setup. Many products are designed with a fast, easy installation process in mind and feature quick locking mechanisms and intuitive pin positioning systems to give the display a perfect, centered alignment. A digital display can be put up quickly instead of waiting for weeks for the installation process to finish. With options for setup including a hanging system or a stacking system, digital displays can be put together fast and start showing off your message, product, service or video right away.

Simple Operation

Many newer styles of LED signage also give business owners the ability to operate it completely on their own. Most LED displays are run with some sort of external software. The images, video and other content featured on the display are uploaded into the software and control what viewers see on screen. When you want to change what’s on your display, there’s no need to remove the hardware and install everything again. Instead, you can modify the display by using the software that’s connected to the physical video screen.

Remote Monitoring

The LED video displays are also able to be monitored remotely. There is a remote monitoring system with some LED products that gives business operators the capability to see the screen’s conditions and any issues with individual LED bulbs. New smartphone and tablet applications allow for screen monitoring from almost anywhere. If there is a problem or something shows up unexpectedly, the operator will be the first to know. Maintenance and fixes can be addressed right away and keep the display screen up and operating.

Long Lasting

Companies that have chosen a digital LED display have also been pleased with how long lasting these products are. LED lights have a much longer lifetime than older bulb styles and don’t need to be replaced as often. They also produce a much brighter image quality and don’t dim over time like some other styles of light. A high quality digital video display can last for many years and outlast a company’s different promotional campaigns over time. The systems offered now provide easy opportunities for routine maintenance so the display keeps performing for as long as possible.

More for Your Investment

Investing in outdoor signage is a smart choice if you want to get the most out of your promotional budget. Instead of purchasing new promotional signage each year, invest in a long-term outdoor signage solution. Digital LED signs offer plenty of bonuses to businesses, such as low energy usage, extreme durability and easy maintenance. Competing against other businesses in your industry means you’ve got to make bold choices. A bright, visually-appealing and technologically stunning digital video LED display for your business may set you apart from your competitors and give you more value for your investment.

Find out more about the capabilities of the digital LED displays offered at Yaham LED. Request your own custom quote to get advice about your particular needs and goals for your business and its promotional strategy.