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After researching multiple signage options, you realize LED signs have the potential to take your image from ordinary to spectacular. Not only is outdoor LED  signage safe and weatherproof enough to withstand the elements in hot desert climates or the coldest altitudes, these signs are unique in their ability to deliver where static signs cannot. Learn more about Yaham’s products and discover why LED signs are truly your best option for creating a memorable, vibrant experience.

LED Signs Are Eye-Catching

Regardless of application, you will be pleased with the screen’s ability to convey information to audiences and passers-by  in an eye-catching, impactful manner.

  • Vibrant Color Display

Static signage can be effective, however only one image can be shown at a time, and the materials used to make the sign fade or peel over time when exposed to heat or cold. Because signs are exposed to extreme conditions durability concerns should be at the top of your list when it comes to choosing a sign. LED signs are not only colorful and resistant to wear and tear from the weather; they are loaded with bright, vivid colors to capture any content imaginable.

  • Precision Resolution

High-quality LED screens resist the elements and stand the test of time, and their resolution creates sharp images without distortion or pixelation. There’s nothing more detracting from an image than a digital screen that is struggling to load an image or breaking up the image into tiny flickering squares. When you install a Yaham LED sign, it’s guaranteed that you will have a great picture no matter the time of day and regardless of the images or information you choose to display.

  • Premium Visibility and Dynamic Playback

Our screens boast a high picture refresh rate that ensures picture quality and stabilization keeping your audience focused on a great viewing experience.

LED Signs s Updated in Real-Time

Business conditions and offerings are dynamic and can change by the minute let alone by the hour.  Changing factors cannot be easily conveyed on static signs, but with the vivid colors and designs of LED  signage, this information can be delivered in a fun, colorful, and memorable way.

Thanks to their capabilites, LED signs are able to perform above and beyond traditional static signs. They can be programmed to change information on demand, not after the fact. With such modern signs, there’s no need to wait for a crew to take down a static sign and replace it with updated information; information is updated in real time and on the fly!

LED Signs Are Environmentally Friendly

Due to the lower cost of operating LED’s over traditional lightbulbs and the overall bonus of not wasting paper, plastic, or other physical materials to create manual signs, your business can be kind to the environment while saving precious time and money. It’s true that an outdoor LED display can cost more upfront, but when you consider how many posters, billboards, and paper signs that you may go through in a year’s time, outdoor LED signs quickly emerge as the best option due to their longevity, eye-catching designs, and their overall modern appeal.

If you are concerned about the eco-friendliness of such a sign, consider how LED’s perform differently than incandescent bulbs. They burn at a cooler temperature and use less electricity, and they also tend to have a longer lifespan than standard bulbs. LED screens often come with enclosures that keep the screens cooler in hot temperatures, which also reduces their impact on the environment over time.

LED Signs Are Easy To Maintain

If you are concerned about the longevity of your LED signs, you don’t need to be. These signs require minimum maintenance and when they do, are serviceable from the front as well as the back reducing disruption.  This accessibility makes LED signs simple to service in any weather condition, and the ability to do so from different angles makes it easier to complete fixes as quickly as possible.

Yaham has completed over 50,000 successful installs of our LED products around the world — in 112 countries, to be exact! If you need more information about what type of outdoor LED signage would be your best choice, contact us to discuss your options. We’re ready to help you make your dream a reality.