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When the pandemic struck the world in 2020, the advertising industry came up with an inspiring array of OOH ads. The #SendingLove campaign was particularly compelling. LED displays in different parts of the globe were lit up with images of people who had donated to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

It inspired more people to join the initiative.

Why are we telling you about digital display ads? Because digital is immediate and powerful. And  LED displays are one of the biggest behind-the-scene stars of commercial display ads.


LED Signage and Its Importance in Marketing

Did you know that digital signage has a recall rate of 83%? It beats traditional advertising by a huge margin. But that’s not the only reason why commercial LED signage has gained favor among marketers and advertisers alike.

What’s the importance of commercial digital signage in the retail industry? It does the following:


Grab Attention!

In a hyper-commercialized landscape,  differentiation is a challenge. LED signs have great visibility, are interactive, and very successful in projecting impactful brand images. In fact, digital signage has a 47.7% brand awareness rate.


Ubiquitous Placement

LED signs can be found roadside, inside malls, on storefronts , etc. LED’s help brands tell their story and stay in front of consumers 24/7.


Easy  Maintenance

Digital signs are meant to withstand all weather conditions. Unlike traditional signage, the maintenance costs of LED’s are low. The investment you make in buying a display or renting one is worth every penny.


Ecologically Friendly

LED signs are one of the best green advertising options available to marketers today. LED displays are optimized for low power consumption and, reduce NOx by eliminating the vehicles, labor and materials used in traditional display campaigns.



Digital displays offer bold images, animation and interactive capabilities, offering a wide array of options. You can customize your content for different campaigns and engage your consumers effectively, every single time.


Why Viewing Angles Matter for LED Signs

Nowadays almost all commercial displays include  LED screens. Since commercial LED signs can be installed just about anywhere and are often large format, these screens must be optimized for off-axis viewing.

Off-axis viewing refers to viewing angles that are at least one degree off from the center of the display.

But, why off-axis viewing? Considering exposure and the right viewing angles will improve visibility of the sign and eliminate unwanted visual interference.


The Science Behind It

LED displays are comprised of red, green, and blue (RGB) diodes which are traditionally arranged horizontally to form pixels. Pixel placement gives  LED’s their characteristic crisp and bright display quality. In this horizontal arrangement, LED displays appear fluid when viewed from the front angle. But, as the viewer changes their position, certain colors can shift and sharpness can be affected.

For optimal viewing  LED signs should maintain both horizontal and vertical viewing angles between 120-160 degrees.

Top tier screen manufacturers are cognizant  of the horizontal and vertical arrangement of pixels and follow this  guideline to achieve the best output results.


Choosing a Partner

Yaham has been in the LED sign business for more than 25 years,  innovating our products to create the best possible solutions for your commercial display needs.

Our portfolio of products offer broad technological performance and withstand any environment, 24/7.

The solutions we provide are manufactured in-house by us. We’re also capable of customizing commercial displays that fit your requirements and budget.


Just a Call Away

Yaham provides displays that offer a balance of form and function. Please give us a call at 702-909-6059 Or visit our website and let us bring your vision to light.