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When Resorts World Las Vegas decided to embark on creating one of the world’s largest LED displays, Yaham Optoelectronics Inc. was a natural choice to develop and install more than 134,000 square feet of digital surface area for brands to dominate the Las Vegas skyline as well as social media channels.

Being outrageously grand yet deftly subtle to the environment of a Class A world resort was no easy feat. Yaham’s L0 Series digital mesh creates brand dominance on the outside view with no disruption to guests enjoying the property inside.  The lightweight display characteristics reduce wind resistance by 35% making the modules easier and less costly to install while reducing electrical consumption.  On a project of this magnitude long-term maintenance is a key cost consideration which is why the L0 Series is a perfect fit. In addition to operating efficiency, all components are serviceable from both the front and the rear creating easy access and less time on site.

The Yaham L0 is 64% lighter than traditional cabinets offering a perfect blend of translucency, and opacity to ensure the exterior view has superior color saturation and display quality.

Adam Barthelmess, President of Clear Channel Outdoor Las Vegas and advertising partner to Resorts World said, “Resorts World Las Vegas is a marquee venue that encapsulates cutting-edge technology, luxury and innovation: all the attributes’ brands correlate with the excitement of advertising in Las Vegas.”  “These spectacular digital displays will provide brands the unique opportunity to leverage some of the largest LED screens in the world that can even operate sequentially offering an unprecedented story-telling ‘brand takeover.’ These displays are breaking new ground in digital out of home and we can’t wait to work with our brand partners to execute creative and inventive advertising campaigns as tourism and business travel continues to return to the Las Vegas region.”

For more information visit YahamLED or call at (702) 909-6059 and let Yaham help bring your brand vision to light.