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Given the rising popularity of LED billboards today, you might be interested to know how much they cost. If so, you are in luck. We have provided pricing information below that may be of interest to you!

General Price Range

Generally speaking, the most common LED billboards in use today (the ones you see at small local shops) cost between $1,000 and $15,000 per month. Larger LED billboards resembling classic billboards cost significantly more, anywhere from $50,000 for average locations to seven figures for the most elite placements.

Approximate Rates

The CPM (cost per thousand) for LED billboards varies greatly. However, the average cost is around $37. By comparison, the CPM for classic billboards is around $3. The big advantage that LED billboards have over their classic counterparts is that they are dynamic and change regularly, which means advertisers can budget their ads per minute, pick ad times, and maintain audience interest with new content.

What Is A Standard Billboard Size?

A traditional billboard is 14×48.

Normally, these are elevated 60 to 100 feet (depending on location), and they usually have catwalks that run behind for access.

Billboard Size Impacts The Price Of The Board Itself

The size of an LED billboard has a huge impact on its overall price, especially if you are looking to purchase an actual screen rather than simply rent an advertising spot.

For example, a 4×2 (or even a more rectangular 2×8) billboard may run you around $5,000.

An 8×5 LED board can cost $26,000.

For a moderately large board, such as a 16×24, the cost can reach six figures.

Other Cost Factors

Double Face Screens: Double face screens double the cost that you would otherwise pay for a single screen when renting an advertising spot.

Dot Pitch or Pixel Pitch: The LED billboard’s dot pitch will most likely impact the ad price as well. Pixel pitch has a huge but subtle impact on how the LED display appears, especially from a distance. Dot pitch measures how close pixels are to each other, so the lower the dot pitch, the better. 

Panel Type: Full-color panels are more expensive than monochromatic ones.

Where The Screen Is Mounted: Where the LED billboard is mounted also plays a significant role in the price. For example, is the sign on a ground-level platform, or is it mounted on the side of a building?

Would You Like More Information?

If you would like to know more about factors that impact the cost of digital displays, check out our article on the subject, or you can call us at 702-909-6059. For the last 25 years, we at Yaham have brought the best of modern signage to our customers. With 50,000 successful installations under our belt, we have the knowledge and experience to meet your needs and offer you exceptional results.