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We’re surrounded by digital signage. Various commercial spaces are filled with billboards, videos, and even video walls.

With their ability to influence, persuade, inform, and attract new markets and buyers, it’s no wonder that they’re everywhere. If you’ve considered making use of the medium for your store, then you know that digital signage can show customers certain products, provide upselling opportunities, and give general information.

Difference Between Digital Signage and Flat Screen TVs

How is digital signage different from a flat-screen television? What makes digital signage unique?

One of the key differences between a flat-screen TV and digital signage is that while the former has components such as in-built tuners and sound systems, digital signage systems are typically not equipped with these features. Additionally, flat-screen TVs can stand on their own while digital signage is akin to a large desktop monitor that requires the assistance of inputs or other mechanisms to function.

While flat-screen TVs serve the needs of small and private spaces such as homes and workspaces, digital signage catches the attention of the general public. Digital signage can display anything from graphics, videos, and other content ranging from small screens to spectacular building facades.

Why Do You Need Digital Signage?

Let us take a look at some of the advantages of digital signage.

Customers Can Help Themselves

For businesses to retain and attract more customers, retailers are encouraged to provide information about their products to help shoppers make a purchase with as little effort as possible. With the help of digital signage, consumers are kept engaged without requiring the assistance of sales personnel. All the details regarding the brands are presented to them, helping them with purchase decisions. .

Displays Can Be Changed Automatically

One of the best features of digital signage is that it requires little to no human intervention. With content management  software, you can display different content and information at predetermined intervals throughout the day.

Moreover, a CMS  can also help companies determine what content needs to be displayed each day or even at what times.

Some  examples of dynamic content opportunities  include menu boards in restaurants and fast-food chains that offer different sets of food to match certain times of the dayor billboard advertisements that change ads  at regular intervals.

Higher Retention Rates

Digital signage can lead to higher customer retention rates. While digital signage is certainly useful when it comes to providing information about a store’s products and services, digital signage also keeps patrons informed about upcoming events such as sales, in-store appearances, promotions, and so on.

According to studies that examined the impact of digital signage on consumers, 83 percent of people could recall at least one advertisement that they had seen in the past month. Additionally, 65 percent of people remembered at least two ads they had seen while 47 percent of customers could recall at least three ads.


Get Digital Signage with Yaham

Digital signage is all around us. Its popularity is only expected to increase in the future. If you are someone who wants to make digital signage work for your company but doesn’t know where to start, Yaham provides modern digital signage technology solutions for a variety of display needs.

Two of Yaham’s most popular  digital panels are the X1 Series and the X5 Series.

X1 Series

The X1 Series  is a high-performance panel suitable for indoor and outdoor uses. The X1 Series includes truss brackets, a stacking pedestal, climbing handles, and a set chart. All these components help in setting up the digital signage system in as little time as possible. The panel also comes with a universal module which makes it easy for users to store power and data and replace them without needing external tools.

X5 Series

The X5 Series displays are characterized by a lightweight and intuitive cabinet design that’s well suited for indoor and staging uses. The panel also offers a quick set-up, easy transportation, and high-quality visual effects.

The X5 Series is available in a 4-in-1 LED configuration. It’s known for its versatility and ability to meet a wide range of demands.

Contact the Global Leader in Digital Signage Solutions

For  over 25 years, Yaham has delivered the best that digital signage technology has to offer. Yaham also provides a complementary and comprehensive suite of services for the design, management, and creation of your digital signage content.

Contact Yaham at 702-909-6059 or visit our website to learn how Yaham can help bring your vision to light.