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Use the latest technology to set your building apart. Whether you’re using your building space for third-party advertising or proudly displaying your company’s logo and name, find out how to harness the latest technology to get more out of your signage. Explore the features and benefits of outdoor mesh displays by Yaham to see how you can power your advertising with efficient LED lighting and state-of-the-art display design.

Advantages of Outdoor Mesh LED Display

Why are you unhappy with your current display? Whether you’re using generic billboards, costly lighting or simply aren’t using displays on your building, explore the advantages of outdoor mesh displays to see what you’re missing in your outdoor advertising and building signage:

  • Unobstructed views
  • Unified displays
  • Long-lasting displays
  • Lightweight construction
  • Convenient installation
  • Custom solutions

Other displays and signs take up valuable real estate. If you install a typical sign on the side of your office building or apartment complex, you’ll have to sacrifice windows and natural light. This makes it uncomfortable for your employees or residents and requires you to pay more for interior lighting. Lost windows means lost revenue or interior design. Use mesh displays to enjoy a clear view while still displaying a bold, vibrant outdoor sign.

Choose a sign with high transparency to reduce this effect. Our L0 mesh displays have between 50% and 80% transparency, so natural light can stream into your commercial building. Views are particularly compromised, but the overall effect is far more positive than traditional signs with little or no transparency.

Our outdoor mesh display technology uses separate LED brackets to allow individuals in your building to see out the windows comfortably. However, the mesh looks like a unified display when viewed at a distance. Seamless images, logos and your company name can all stand out proudly for customers all around. Whether driving down an interstate, enjoying your outdoor pool or walking by your building in a bustling downtown block, people are sure to see your high-resolution display.

Quality outdoor advertising requires quality materials. Invest in a Yaham LED sign for long-lasting construction. The durable design is capable of withstanding wind and weather conditions. Routine maintenance tasks are easy thanks to the front and rear access panels.

Typical billboards and LED displays require serious installation. Don’t worry about excessive loads with your outdoor mesh display. These signs weigh just 15-25 kg/sqm, so they are easily installed on a rooftop or the side of a building.

Work with our installation technicians to ensure a reliable build. Our outdoor signs are capable of being installed in a number of configurations. Enjoy quick use of your advertising and reduce the time and stress of mounting your signs by working with a team that has the experience you need. We’ll work with you to create full-service designing, manufacturing, installation and maintenance services.

Finally, you can create an outdoor display that fits your needs. Choose the pixel pitch and dimensions you need to create the outdoor advertising that sets your building apart. A custom solution gives you the energy-efficient signage that sheds light on your products or proudly promotes your building. Whether you’re running a popular hotel or a cutting-edge office, a custom sign and LED design is a great way to stand out.

Wind Load Ratings and How They Can Affect Your Outdoor Sign

One critical factor in sign and billboard displays is the wind load rating. You don’t just need to factor in the weight of the sign itself when installing it, but you also have to account for the force of the wind. This is affected by the wind resistance of the sign.

Most signs have poor wind resistance. A large, thin rectangle is the perfect shape to catch high-speed winds, creating unnecessary force on your sign. Our unique wind-through design reduces the wind resistance by up to 35%. This allows us to build a lighter sign with less reinforcing materials, saving you time and space.

Our engineering team runs all the necessary wind resistance calculations to prevent damage to your sign or your building. Wind-through technology alone won’t protect your display, so we ensure the support structure and installation system keeps your sign intact and safely secured.

Weather Resistant Outdoor LED Display Signage

Our mesh signs are used in virtually any climate. Whether you encounter wind, rain, snow or intense sunlight, choose a display that remains intact. We use a few key features to ensure your display withstands severe weather and climate conditions:

  • Sealed LED support components
  • Secured support structures
  • Wind-through design features

Sealed LED components can be used in wet environments without worrying about damage. They are rated for outdoor use in severe weather conditions, so heavy winds, strong winds and blizzards won’t compromise the LED lighting.

Dependable support structures are installed successfully by our trained installation team. Even the most sealed sign can’t survive if a strong wind blows it over, so be sure you work with our team for reliable fastening.

Finally, our wind-through design is just another reason to choose our display in any weather condition. Heavy winds are far more manageable with 35% less wind resistance. Ask our team about the full wind and severe weather capabilities of outdoor mesh to see for yourself how it rates.

Compare these features with other outdoor displays to see for yourself how Yaham products rate. Competitive outdoor displays typically don’t have the same durable construction, wind-through design or fully sealed LED components for severe weather conditions. Don’t let the first storm damage your sign or destroy your investment, but turn to an affordable, resilient outdoor display.

Feature L0 Highlights

Turn to a leader in LED outdoor mesh displays. These are just a few of the L0 highlights. For more information, contact us at Yaham LED. We’re confident we can provide you with the outdoor advertising and building display technology you need. Set the pace for your industry and take charge of local advertising with bold, brilliant and high-tech displays. We create cutting-edge signs and custom displays so you can concentrate on what sets your business apart and keeps you moving forward.