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You might have seen an outdoor LED display when driving down the street and wondered several things: is this type of advertising really effective? Are billboards made with LED displays more expensive than other types of advertising? If I were to invest in LED displays for my hotel or business property, will the financial risk pay off? These are all great questions, especially if you are a first-timer to LED advertising. Read on to discover the types of LED lighting used in outdoor spaces, the benefits of using an LED screen to advertise your hotel or business, and how Yaham LED can help you select the best LED options for your specific needs.

What Is an Outdoor LED Display?

You might have LED lights under your kitchen counters, or you might grab a box of LED lights to replace a burnt-out incandescent bulb in your house when you’re at the store. Outdoor LED lights are similar to these household products in the sense that they use LED (light-emitting diode) technology instead of traditional incandescent or even compact fluorescent bulbs. LED lights do not use as much energy, and they’re often EnergyStar certified to reduce emissions and energy costs for your home or business throughout the year. LED bulbs do not burn out light other lightbulbs: they might grow dimmer over time, but you will need to replace them much less frequently than you would an incandescent or CFL bulb. They do not emit as much heat as other types of lighting, and they have a longer life span. LED lighting is often used in flat screens for advertising, for stage lighting purposes, and they’re also often used for highway signs and in public transportation like subways and buses. LED technology is a great choice if you’re considering creating a billboard or other lighting scheme for your hotel or business as they are very versatile, long-lasting, and cost-effective.

How Do Outdoor LED Displays Work?

Standard LED advertisements run on an eight-second loop, which means that you can put up multiple ads or even share the space with other businesses – meaning that you alone are not responsible for the cost of the billboard. LED bulbs, as stated above, can last for a long time: up to 11 years in some cases. LED displays are also used by many businesses in subway stations and other modes of public transportation to increase their reach. Remember, with outdoor LED displays, you have the option of putting up and pulling down ads frequently, and if you operate a business like a hotel, concert hall, or casino, you can advertise upcoming events as they happen without having to wait for someone to manually put up and take down a static billboard. Outdoor displays can outlast bad weather – unlike traditional billboards, which can become damaged by rain, wind, and unfortunately in some areas, graffiti and other vandalization.

Types of Outdoor LED Displays from Yaham LED

At Yaham LED, we specialize in working with businesses to discover exactly what type of LED product you might need. If you would like to advertise outdoors, you should peruse our screen size and pixel display options to see which ones look like a good fit for your business. Our display screens can be accessed from the front and the rear sides, which can cut down on installation and maintenance time. Additionally, our products can be highly customized to fit your needs: we offer a range of display sizes and pixel pitch options. They also come with an electronic fan that can be activated if the product gets too hot, which prevents overheating as it maintains the display at a constant temperature. Our outdoor displays also come with the options of changing brightness levels (you might want a different level of brightness if you’re located in a shady or cloudy area, or if you’re advertising mostly at nighttime), and we boast superior calibration on every pixel in order to standardize our brightness and color homogeneity levels.

Outdoor Billboard vs. LED Display

If you choose the traditional billboard, the image is static or non-moving. This means that you only have the option of putting up one picture and hoping for the best. Will it attract customers? Did you hold focus groups and meet with marketers to determine that it is the best ad for your needs? Should you have gone with option number two, or maybe three? If you’ve invested a lot of your budget in a static billboard, these worries might rightfully keep you up at night. With LED display billboards, don’t have to agonize over the best choice that will stay on the board for weeks or even months. There’s no need to worry about choosing the right option with LED billboards because you don’t have to narrow it down to the best one. Pick two or three if you like, or even show a video! Remember, LED billboards usually run an ad for eight seconds before switching to another one. This will increase the chances of a potential customer seeing different ads if they’re driving down the highway, for example. If they see a static billboard on their way to work every morning, they might eventually treat it as a tree or telephone pole: as part of the scenery that fades into the background and is never thought about again. Keep things fresh with a rotating display.

Call Yaham LED Today!

Due to our superior quality and attention to detail, Yaham boasts products in over 112 countries and we have performed 50,000 successful installs. If your hotel or business is in the market for a fresh look, consider branching out into the world of technology by using an LED display to attract customers to your business. Even established businesses can benefit from a fresh look from time to time, and the more you use modern technology, the newer your business will seem to outsiders – even if you’ve been established for 100 years! You’re only one step away from creating an eye-catching display: Contact Yaham LED today to start a discussion about which LED products will showcase your business in the best light.