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LED displays are the cutting edge of digital outdoor marketing. Enjoy eye-catching designs, long-lasting performance and energy-efficient investments by choosing the right types of outdoor LED displays by Yaham. Discuss each option with our team to see how you can update your existing signage or kick off a startup with cutting-edge advertising.

Don’t settle for anything but an LED outdoor display. Outdated lighting options can’t keep up with the energy efficiency of LED. Whether you’re looking for a temporary sign or a permanent display for your commercial location, these types of outdoor LED displays represent the pinnacle in outdoor advertising.

S0: Standard Outdoor LED (DIP)

Our classic LED signage is still a leading option for your outdoor advertising. Choose a fixed LED S0 sign for long-lasting performance and stunning visuals. This LED sign uses dual in-line package technology, which is an affordable and reliable option.

Access your sign with either the front or rear access panels for ease of maintenance. All Yaham outdoor signs are created for simple installation and maintenance. A complicated maintenance task results in greater costs, so our easy-to-access signage saves you money in the long run.

This sign comes with a built-in fan to adjust the internal temperature. It automatically adjusts both the fan speed and the brightness of your LEDs, so you can enjoy lower electricity use and improved performance in a variety of outdoor conditions.

Customize the size and pixel pitch of your sign for greater levels of customization. The Yaham S0 is available with 10mm-25mm pixel pitch. As part of our turn-key solutions, we design and brand your sign before installing it safely and efficiently.

S1: Standard Outdoor LED (SMD)

Our best seller since 2003, the fixed LED S1 sign is an update to our classic S0 model. This durable, outdoor sign uses surface mounted diode LED technology. This improved technology allows higher lumens of light and improved lifetimes of your signs.

Choose 6 mm, 8 mm, 12 mm or 16 mm SMD signs to enjoy the crystal-clear images and text you need to help your location stand out. Our calibration technology allows for greater levels of color homogeneity and brightness, so your sign is perfectly calibrated for any image.

Just like the S0, our S1 outdoor sign has easy maintenance access panels and automatic cooling and brightness features. Adjust the cabinet size and module size before requesting a full-service installation from our experienced team.

SC: Seamless Corner

Create a truly seamless corner for a bold, modern sign. Seamless corner LED signs are capable of connecting with customers and standing out in a crowded street. Most corner displays use two separate displays and a black line down the middle. Instead, our patented technology creates a truly seamless corner for a unique visual experience.

Choose between three-angle and three-pixel pitch options to create the curved or corner display that leads the way in LED solutions. Few displays can compete with this stunning feature on the corner of your building. Whether your high-rise stands on the edge of a bustling square or your factory meets a busy highway, this display option is sure to turn heads.

These corner displays take advantage of the energy efficiency of LED bulbs. A large corner display would require significant maintenance without the power of LED. Keep your logo, advertising campaign or company name appearing boldly for thousands of hours without maintenance services.

S3: Outdoor Light and Thin Fixed LED

If space is an issue, turn to the S3 outdoor light and thin fixed LED display. This dynamic option still offers plenty of pixel pitch options and a bright display but uses a thinner cabinet for space-saving convenience.

This durable sign is designed for outdoor use. The waterproof, dust-resistant casing is still just as rugged as our full-sized signs. Your maintenance team can quickly access the power supply, bulbs and cables from either the front or rear of the cabinet.

A smart module synchronizes and calibrates data. It also monitors the voltage and temperature of your sign, so you can enjoy the highest energy efficiency and long-lasting performance. Discuss your sizing needs with our team to determine whether the light and thin S3 is right for your needs. You don’t have to sacrifice advertising capabilities when you reduce the thickness and weight of your outdoor LED sign.

If a traditional LED sign is too large for a particular area, or if you’re concerned with the weight of an LED billboard, a light and thin option may be best for your application. It’s also a stylish option that represents a sleek, modern business.

YS: Outdoor Billboard LED (SMD/DIP)

Whether you want a dual in-line package or a surface-mounted diode design, the YS outdoor billboard is at the cutting edge of advertising design. Proudly display your image and text anywhere you need with a bright and quiet wind-through design.

This billboard is designed to prevent the negative effects of outdoor advertising. Don’t let direct sunlight or strong winds fade, distort and distract from your message. A great refresh rate and enhanced brightness allows both types of LED options to proudly display your message with a large billboard design.

Wind is a major obstacle that billboards need to account for. In the past, this meant additional reinforcing and smaller LED displays. The YS billboard changed that with advanced thermal management. This innovative Yaham LED product is designed to allow air to pass through its channels. Channels not only reduce the risk of wind damage but also allow heat to naturally dissipate.

Thermal management channels reduce the need for a loud and powerful fan. Natural cooling creates a whisper-quiet design for use near foot traffic, on your building and other areas of high traffic. This not only reduces any ambient noise from your sign, but it also reduces the energy required to operate it. This is particularly important in hot environments, where a cooling fan can be a significant portion of the energy usage of an LED display.

L0: Outdoor Mesh LED

Looking for a billboard that doesn’t block sunlight? Introducing the L0 outdoor mesh LED display. This unique advertising opportunity allows crystal-clear images to be displayed on a mesh sign. Unlike conventional LED billboards, our outdoor mesh has transparency rates between 50% and 80%. Transparent signage is particularly useful if you’re mounting your sign to an office building or if it would otherwise create a long shadow on an outdoor seating or walking area.

Compared to our other billboard options, our outdoor mesh is 30% lighter. Install it in difficult areas or on structures that may not support the full weight of a YS billboard. A slim cabinet increases the opportunities for advertising bold marketing materials or displaying your logo for all to see.

The mesh structure still comes with a durable mounting cabinet, but it reduces wind resistance by up to 35%. A lightweight, transparent design still allows for a vibrant, energy-efficient display. Work with our team to enjoy easy maintenance and installation to start advertising quickly.

D0: Die-Cast SMD

One of our most versatile LED sign options is the D0 die-cast SMD sign. Select one of 128 options for the most personalized LED signage in the industry. Here are the ways you can customize a die-cast SMD sign from Yaham LED:

  • Pixel pitch
  • Access location
  • Working environment
  • Installation direction
  • Diode color
  • Application

Whether you need an indoor vertical sign or an outdoor horizontal display, choose the D0 fixed LED sign. A thin cabinet and vibrant pixel pitch options help this signage option stand out in a truly memorable way.

The surface-mounted diode design offers industry-leading lumens and energy efficiency, so you can enjoy reduced maintenance tasks and greater display performance. Whether you’re renting a sign for a special event or investing in a sign for your commercial location, the die-cast D0 is a great option for your company.

Explore Leading Types of Outdoor LED Displays Today

Don’t settle for second-rate signage, but take advantage of the latest advancements in LED technology today. Request a quote from Yaham LED to take part in an international advertising trend. Enjoy our premier LED designs and our commitment to the highest levels of quality and performance. Discuss your signage requirements with our qualified team and find out how you can work with a full-service design, manufacturing and installation team to reduce your overall costs. Find out for yourself how our team of experts at Yaham LED can expand your brand awareness and promote your company with modern efficiency.