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Limited-time events require exceptional displays every bit as much as their permanent counterparts do. The difference is that event coordinators and mixed-use venues must find signage that is durable, easily transported, highly customizable, and affordable.

A meeting and conference likely will have a significant difference in their LED requirements than a rock concert. Don’t compromise for expensive, lackluster displays that are not flexible to meet your requirements. Yaham’s LED rental and staging display options offer the best of both worlds. 

Instant Digital Displays When You Need Them Most

We offer two types of rental products: X1 and X5 series panels. Each of these panels are immediately available from our warehouse and have numerous exciting features:

  •       Utilization of LED lights
  •       Wide range of available pixel pitches (1.5mm to 3.4mm)
  •       Different shapes
  •       Indoor and outdoor usage
  •       Easy setup and teardown
  •       Lightweight cabinets
  •       Necessary accessories included

On top of all of these advantages, the X5 series panels are compatible with multiple processing systems and are available in a 4-in-1 LED light configuration.

Rental Benefits

Our X1 and X5 series panels work perfectly as rental products for several reasons:

  •       Efficiency: Limited-time events call for quick setup and teardown. Our panels are easy to install and come with the set cart, truss brackets and stacking pedestal you need for installation. In addition, these products are already available so you don’t have to wait for a new display to be fabricated. The universal module makes it easy to store and replace, the separate power and data unit can be exchanged easily with no tools required. 
  •       Affordability: Designing or purchasing signs for a one-time or mobile event is often not financially feasible. By renting an X1 or X5 series display, you only pay for the time you need, and the minimal weight of these products cuts down on transportation costs. The X5 series offers fast set-up and easy transport, which can help customers reduce transportation and installation costs.
  •       Versatility: Our panels can be set up in a variety of configurations and used in practically an unlimited number of ways. Choose the style, size and pixel pitch that best fits your situation. You can even add climbing handles if you need them. The X1 series is a lightweight high-performance panel for a wide range of outdoor and indoor applications. The X1 series cabinets come in both front and rear servicing options.

Displays Are A Must

Whether you are hosting a concert, competition, conference, or another large-scale event, the value of good display and signage cannot be underestimated. Why is it so important to invest in displays for your big event? Digital signage adds to the quality of the experience, as well as to an event’s overall success, in many ways:

  •       Crowd Involvement: Signs can be used to promote audience participation. This may involve displaying the lyrics of a song, a question the crowd is meant to answer or some other message that allows attendees to get directly involved in the event.
  •       Atmosphere: Digital displays can be used to show off any number of eye-catching graphics. You can use mesmerizing designs and color combinations to change the mood of your event. Create any type of atmosphere you desire, from suspenseful to upbeat.
  •       Marketing: If you are hoping to gain the attention of additional attendees or to leave a lasting impact so that you have a bigger turnout next year, digital signage can boost your marketing strategy. Place displays outside your venue to catch the eye of passersby or capture videos of the effects visible from the inside.
  •       Dissemination of Information: Displays have the power to quickly and reliably pass important facts to a large audience all at once. Do you need to update a crowd about the upcoming itinerary? Is it time to announce the name of the next act? Use digital signage to share all of this information and more at the press of a button. Our renowned X1 is available in various pixel pitches: 1.5mm, 1.9mm, 2.3mm, 2.6mm, 2.8mm, and 3.4mm

Don’t be tempted to skip the signage at your venue. Investing in displays enhances the audience’s experience, enabling your event to grow in popularity.

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