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An LED display screen can attract attention, boost business, and create an enticing aesthetic for onlookers. It’s no wonder why so many major cities are seemingly draped in LED screens, directing customers’ attention to attractions and events. The impact of an LED screen is big, and the electrical current that it generates is, too. A full-color LED display is continuously producing an output as high as 20KW in voltage, so to avoid a short circuit, a distribution cabinet is a necessary addition to your setup.

Understand an LED Power Distribution Cabinet

You have probably had the experience of plugging one too many appliances into a power strip and then groaning remorsefully as the lights went out abruptly. Similarly, an LED device generates a large instantaneous current when turned on, and its current must be shunted to avoid an analogous overflow of power to the power grid.

This is the function of an LED power distribution cabinet. By connecting to an uninterrupted power source and then distributing power evenly to multiple devices, it regulates the current and ensures that no single device receives an excess of voltage that could result in damage or the aforementioned overload to the power grid.

Multiple LED signs can be connected to an LED sign power distribution cabinet, so you can regulate the voltage of every device simultaneously. This capability is one of the greatest assets of a power distribution cabinet, and it makes it particularly useful for managing high-voltage devices such as the LED screens you use every day.

Learn Where To Use LED Power Distribution Cabinets

LED power distribution cabinets are a necessary addition anywhere an LED screen is being used. Whether you are inside or outside, connecting your LED screens to a power distribution cabinet can ensure you are operating it safely. Some of the places that LED screens are commonly used include the following:

  • Indoor malls
  • Outdoor shopping areas
  • Stages and concerts
  • Performances
  • Transportation stations
  • Traffic stops
  • Storefronts

Needless to say, this technology has taken over, and with so many screens out there, it is imperative to use them safely! A power distribution cabinet can be the difference between safely displaying your LED sign and unfortunately risking a high-voltage accident.

Choose the Best LED Power Distribution Cabinet for Your Needs

If you have decided to invest in an LED power distribution cabinet, you have made the right choice, but you may still be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of options that are available when you begin doing research. This device is not small, nor is it a small investment, and finding the right one is important. For it to work effectively with your equipment, you need to get the right model for the specifications of your screens. There are a few important criteria to take into consideration when you are looking for an LED power distribution cabinet:

  • Ease of operation: An LED power distribution cabinet is a large device that will be operated by professionals, but it is still imperative that its controls be accessibly designed so that is can be easily operated. Look for models that are intuitive and easily controlled.
  • Construction time: Your distribution cabinet will typically need to be constructed and installed on site. If your project has a specific timeline, be sure that the installation time of the cabinet is compatible with that of the rest of your construction.
  • Reliability: Just like any other electronic device, different manufacturers offer different levels of quality and reliability. With an LED power distribution cabinet, high levels of electrical voltage are involved, and safety is thus an issue. You don’t want to bet on a bargain. Opt for quality.
  • Customizability: Every LED sign is different, and every LED power distribution cabinet is different, too. You are likely to require some level of customization to ensure that the end result meets your needs.

With these criteria in mind, shopping for your distribution cabinet should be a matter of convenience. Find the supplier with the experience and expertise to provide high-quality equipment that is customizable and reliable.

Find the Best LED Screens and LED Screen Accessories

The field of LED screen specialists isn’t too crowded, but you should still have your pick when it comes to finding a supplier for your LED sign power distribution cabinet and every other LED sign accessory you might need. There are plenty of manufacturers that can sell you a device and install it, but you should look for a supplier able to partner with you and provide continuous support when you need it too. Our extensive list of clientele can confirm that this is our reputation.

We want to help your sign get the attention it deserves and ensure that it is operating safely and smoothly in the process. We provide LED sign installation, maintenance, accessories, and repairs, so that no matter what you might need, we can be on site to help handle whatever issue you are dealing with. Our comprehensive expertise in LED signs puts us at the top of our field, and our commitment to customer care keeps us there.

If you are shopping for an LED screen power distribution cabinet or any other piece of LED screen equipment, one of our consultants can help you find exactly what you are looking for. We are ready to help, no matter what part of the shopping or research process you might be in. Reach out to Yaham LED and let us help you bring your vision to light.