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Companies have used traditional neon signs for a long time to announce their presence to customers, welcome them and showcase the uniqueness of their brand. However, before you invest in traditional neon, consider the flexibility and benefits of LED signage. In this article, here are the benefits customized led displays can bring to your business.

Comparison of customized led displays and neon advertisements.

The technology is reliable and recognized around the world

Some people think the LED is one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. In fact, it is widely used in panels, televisions, cell phones, Blu-ray players, and even in medicine. It should not be forgotten that the creators of blue LED light won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2014.

More possibilities for signage

In contrast to neon, which can only display solid colors, LEDs can be used for color changes, animations, dimming, flashing functions, and moving text. That gives you maximum versatility during your displays.


LEDs can last from 50,000 to 100,000 hours, meaning signs made with them will outlast other lighting methods and never burn out.


LEDs require fewer replacements and less maintenance, which saves time and money.

LED-backlit signs stay brighter longer.

Unlike incandescent bulbs, LEDs don’t leak gas over time, which is a significant cause of dimming.

Extremely low operating costs

LED signs bypass the ballast, which in turn reduces long maintenance times. In addition, LEDs contain no dangerous gases or glass tubes that can leak or break and cause thorough cleaning (even due to the hazards).

Incredible brightness

The 24/7 brightness and visibility of customized led displays will help you achieve your marketing goals by getting more impressions, leads, and conversions.

Modern Appeal

LED signage speaks eloquently to tech-savvy people who have modern tastes and are used to reading digital media. If your business targets this population specialized LED displays will have a significant impact.


Customized led displays don’t contain toxic gases such as argon or mercury and are 100% recyclable. In addition, compared to other similar products, сustomized led displays are more environmentally friendly. Low energy consumption helps reduce the environmental impact of any enterprise. And the long service life of the device, in turn, helps to save materials, maintenance costs, and possible repairs. During operation time, LEDs produce only light and little heat but emit no infrared or ultraviolet radiation.

Savings on utilities

Luckily, customized led displays are working better than CFLs and neon lights. This ensures that the indoor display won’t affect the thermostat or disperse the air conditioner.

Thinner and lighter

LED signs don’t have glass tubes like neon signs, so they are smaller. This allows you to place bright, vibrant signs that require little to no effort to install and remove from display mounts.

Increase your business with LED signs

If you want the signage to help you stand out and attract attention while saving energy and maintenance costs, there’s nothing like LED signage. LED illumination not only stands out for its incredible power but this power can also be increased. Lenses have been available that emphasize the angle of the beam and therefore optimize the scattering power of the LEDs, thus providing a more homogeneous illumination compared to equivalent products.

Features of customized led displays.

Ability to manufacture custom sizes and shapes

Your ads can be in the form of your logo or any other geometric shapes (cube, triangle, and any form that you want). Such shapes are sure to attract the attention of customers. The poster is replaced quickly and conveniently.

Frameless design

The lack of a frame allows you to make the most diverse design attractive to human perception. In addition, the absence of a frame affects the attractiveness of the advertisement, as a luminous halo is created around the poster, which is not limited by the frame.

Fine (thickness of 6 mm)

Thanks to their small thickness, customized led displays can be installed on any surface, even glass.

Laser spot-cutting technology

Thanks to the highly focused spot, a small zone is affected by heat, resulting in precise cuts, clean edges, and the rest of the workpiece being subjected to minimal thermal stresses. The technology can be used to cut complex shapes without burrs, allowing parts to fit tightly into the sheet of material being cut. This makes it possible to either reduce or even completely eliminate waste.

Die-resistant wire

Of course, this extends the life of the customized LED displays.

Choice of light temperature (2700-3200K, 4000-5000K, 6000-6500K)

You can choose any glow temperature, from very bright white light to warm and cozy. But, of course, it all depends on exactly where you will place your customized LED displays. For the street, it is better to choose white light and warm shades for the room.

High brightness

The brightness of our LED displays allows them to attract attention even in daylight.

Long LED lifespan (50,000-75000 hours)

Long LED service life (50,000-75,000 hours)

Thanks to the long life of our customized LED displays, you save money. In addition, you won’t have to order advertising again after a short time.

Energy-saving and maintenance-free (70% energy saving over traditional equipment)

Our customized LED displays are extremely durable and require absolutely no maintenance. Thanks to their properties, they are environmentally friendly because they don’t need to be replaced often, and they save energy.

Uniform and stable light quality

Throughout its lifetime, our LED displays produce consistent image quality.

LED displays are programmable

You can program LED displays from anywhere. You only need to have a device with an internet connection. This way, you will achieve greater advertising effectiveness because you can adapt it to each time zone. Therefore, you will be able to adjust the advertising messages to different buyer personas, optimizing the advertising impact and increasing the profitability of the customized led displays.

Compared to traditional signage, the savings this brings are also related to the printing costs, time, and resources used to place and remove the advertisement.

Conversely, remember that customized led displays are rainproof, so weather conditions will never be an issue as they are resistant to wind and temperature variations, unlike neon signs. Another advantage we offer is that our software is very intuitive, so that any user can program the LED display without technical knowledge.