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LED signs greatly impact how construction businesses deliver their outdoor messaging services to the public. Lack of functionality is a problem with static signage. Companies need the flexibility that digital signs provide to ensure safety and to keep operations flowing smoothly.

Staying on budget is another critical component of any building project, and Yaham LED offers products that are cost-effective. Eye-catching communication with smart graphics capability is essential on any jobsite. Here are some important reasons to use LED variable message signs for construction projects.

Visibility and Safety Issues

Highly visible signage is necessary to capture peoples’ attention in order to convey important information. LED lighting has been used to illuminate business signs for a number of years. With rapid advancements in digital technologies, using LED signs for construction is transforming communication possibilities.

Safety standards require that signs be viewable day or night and in all weather conditions. Most sites require proper signage for these reasons:

  • Risk-reduction protocols: Signs help inform workplace practices. Companies that use digital information signs along with other safety tools promote safer workplaces.
  • Occupational safety requirements: Signs promote occupational health and safety compliance. Worksites can display prominent caution, danger, warning and safety messaging at all times to prevent accidents and injuries.
  • Worker protections: Signs keep workers up to date on the latest safety guidelines. Safe workers mean higher productivity and quality of output.

Increasingly, digital signs are used to transmit all types of information. With LED variable message signs, worksites are more interactive, and information is more accessible. New messages can be relayed all over a worksite simultaneously, so expectations are clearly communicated.

Mobility Options

Traffic presents a number of problems on construction sites. One issue is where to place signs to get the most visibility. Mobile variable message signs are a great solution to this problem because there are mountable products for trailers and vehicles, which allows for routine movement.

Road construction crews often need this flexibility many times a day on various jobs. Mobile variable message signs are quickly updatable to reroute traffic patterns or to redirect travel in emergency situations. Drivers get this new information fast. Old forms of signage are bulky and inefficient in today’s tech-savvy world. People access information consistently on their mobile devices every day, so construction companies see the value in digital technology. Modern digital solutions offer valuable information in real time.

Installation Choices

Fixed variable message signs are used for long-term construction work. These are placed along highways and roads and provide general traffic information and construction updates. These systems can be integrated with other systems for more effective traffic control.

VMS are typically placed above or on the sides of roadways making them highly visible digital signage. This type of versatility makes them a valuable tool for project managers. Text, graphics and colors can be configured to attract the attention of passing motorists but not distract them from safe driving.

Message Updates

Current messaging is vital to construction projects. The best part about VMS is the ability to program them from a remote location. They can be updated at the same time from any desktop connection. This makes replacing messages on signs in many locations an effortless process.

Information can be changed quickly as well, implementing the changes in real time. This can be important when critical information is needed in a short timeframe. These capabilities give variable messaging technology a superior advantage over standard signage.

Content Variability Selections

VMS provides a dynamic visual look to any content. Even when using text for long-form messages, the LED lighting stands out and captures the eye. Signs can be programmed with multiple selections, providing construction companies the opportunity to display more than one message on any given sign.

Through the creative uses of color and movement, companies can highlight specific components and make them stand out. The amount of flexibility these signs provide offer businesses a level of control not found with other messaging systems.

Eco-Friendly Signage Solutions

LED lighting is an eco-friendly lighting source. Traditional neon signs use significantly more energy than LED, which is not good for the planet. Construction companies may save 80% or more on energy costs associated with electronic signage. In addition, these signs are long-lasting. This saves on the environmental and energy resources needed for replacements.

Cost-Efficient Functions

LED variable message signs save construction companies money. Though there is an initial investment, the signs quickly pay for themselves. A single sign can be put to many uses. This reduces the need to purchase additional signs to display multiple messages at a single location. The programming capabilities give businesses the opportunity to use fewer signs to meet their messaging needs.

The LED sign’s eco-friendly characteristics translate to additional cost savings. A reduction in energy usage can lead to significantly lower power bills. Any investment in equipment requires additional costs when the equipment malfunctions and requires repairs or replacements. LED signs are constructed of durable materials. Since they are more reliable and last longer, businesses save money over time in repair and replacement costs.

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